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Marathon Training: Getting Faster, Part 1

A lot of my friends and clients have asked me the question, “How did you bring your marathon time down from 4:10 in your first race to a personal best time of 3:16:38?” After all, that is a significant amount of time by which to improve, even taking inexperience at the marathon distance into account. If you consider that my time went up (to 4:20 in LA, 4:25 in San Francisco, my third and fourth marathons), before it went down, it really represents an improvement of over an hour. That’s about 2:20 per mile!…Continue reading →

Marathon Training: Getting Faster, Part 2

I am writing this post to tell you how I did it. Before you read on you need to know this: It was hard. I’m not going to lie, the training was hard and the racing was hard. If you want to set a personal best time at any distance, you need to commit yourself to the training, push yourself beyond your comfort zone, find the strength inside you that will help you carry on, even when most people would stop, slow down, give up…Continue reading →

Marathon Training: Getting Faster, Part 3

You’ve done the training, you’ve tapered properly, you’ve cleaned up your nutrition habits and now you are toeing the line in your new running outfit and shoes ready to set a new PR or qualify for the Boston Marathon…Continue reading →


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