7 Great Stretches for Runners


I lied. If you watch my Great Stretches for Runners video, you will very clearly hear me say this is a five to six minute routine. Yet, the total video is about 14 minutes long. How did that happen? Well, aside from the introduction, I simply held the stretches longer that I’d planned. I wasn’t […]

Wednesday Workout: 22 Minute Runner’s Workout

Live from La Quinta - Wednesday Workout - runner workout

Before I get to the fun stuff, I wanted to let you know that I’m going to start teaching a new class this year. I’ve been so inspired by bloggers like Tamara, Lindsay, Bex, and others who create challenging, high intensity workouts. I’ve been making my own workouts and videos since June, and I’ve really […]

Wednesday Workout: Putting the Functional in Fitness

Live from La Quinta - Wednesday Workout - Functional Circuit

In last week’s Wednesday Workout post, we discussed the definition of functional fitness and why it is so important to your physical well being. In a nutshell, functional exercises focus on doing real life movements in real life positions, so that your strength, balance, and stability translates to your real life. You exercise to teach […]

Wednesday Workout: Awesome Arms

Live from La Quinta - Wednesday Workout - Awesome Arms

Functional workouts are great. We do a lot of them here on Wednesday Workout. They work your entire body as a whole, to improve your fitness, strengthen your core, enhance your sport, prevent injury, and just make life more, well, do-able. Think of exercises like squats, push ups, burpees, and lunges, that work multiple muscles […]

Wednesday Workout: Back to the Gym

Back to the Gym

After many weeks of offering functional, core-strengthening, do-anywhere workouts that use little or no equipment, you might to ask yourself, “can I get that kind of a workout in the gym?” Lately, with crossfit, bootcamp, and other gym-free and outdoorsy workouts being all the rage, the idea of working out in a gym has come […]

Wednesday Workout: Circuit Challenge Vlog

Circuit Challenge

Just a quick note before the video. This circuit challenge workout is one that I use for one of my classes. We do a lot of total body, functional exercises in class which work many muscles all together and challenge the core muscles in particular. In spite of being exhausted at the end of these […]