Mary’s Secret Garden Review plus an Instagram Weekend

Alan and I were in Ventura over the weekend. We got home kind of late on Sunday and I was in no mood to open up my computer. So I apologize that I don’t have a new recipe for Meatless Monday today. However, I’m still linking up with Tina and Deborah today because we visited one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Southern California on Saturday, so I’m sharing pictures and my review.

Mary’s Secret Garden

Marys Secret Garden Review. One of the most popular vegan restaurants in So. Cal, this little gem is tucked away in Ventura, a few blocks from Main St.

Mary’s Secret Garden is a tiny, funky little restaurant tucked away on Fir Street, a few blocks from downtown Ventura. With a beaded entry to the kitchen, messages printed on the ceiling, and a casual atmosphere, it almost feels like stepping back in time. The music, selections from the 60s, helped cement that impression.

Marys Secret Garden 6

Marys Secret Garden 3

We had called ahead to make a reservation, but it really wasn’t necessary. There were many open tables, though most of them filled up as the evening went on. Our server was quick and friendly, and introduced the specials briefly before she went to fill our drink orders. I had a glass of chardonnay, Alan tried the homemade ginger ale. I had to give it a taste, and I’ll say that it was different than any other ginger ale I’ve ever tasted. It actually tasted of ginger, something you rarely get notice in the canned version.

Alan and I decided to share an appetizer and an entree. Because of our almost four hour drive, lunch had been a little late, so we weren’t super hungry. For the appetizer we chose the Cheeze Trio ($15). It is served with three raw vegan nut cheeses: Macadamia Chive, Chipotle Cashew cheeze, and Curried Almond cheeze, along with cucumber, tomatoes, olives, and raw gluten free crackers.

Marys Secret Garden 2All three were excellent. The curried cashew cheeze was deliciously flavorful, with a bite of curry, smoothed out with other seasonings. The chipotle also had a little spicy bite, and the macadamia chive (my favorite) was creamy and was probably the one that tasted the most like real cheese. The crackers were good too, and they went quickly. Our order for a second serving of the raw crackers was $4.

For our entry we chose to share the Cilantro Chycken Sandwich ($14). It came with grilled veggie chycken, chipotle cashew cheeze, cilantro pistachio pesto, avocado, red onion, grilled jalapeno peppers, and tomatoes on a whole grain bun. We chose to add the Fakin Bakin ($2). It was served with a choice of soup or salad. I selected the Coconut Broccoli Lemongrass, which was the soup of the day.

Marys Secret Garden 4First, the soup. I love lemongrass soup, and this was no exception. It was very flavorful, with just the right amount of lemongrass. Alan, who does not care for broccoli, enjoyed the soup too, even though there were a few pieces of the vegetable in our bowl.

The sandwich was very good. The chycken had a good flavor and texture, and it was made even tastier with the chipotle cashew cheeze and pesto. It was served cut in half, so it was easy to share. It was quite large, so a half was just perfect for the two of us.

Of course, we had saved room for dessert (a bonus for sharing our entree). Mary’s has a Jumbo Cupcake du Jour ($8), and the offering that day was Chocolate Peanut Mousse. Our server suggested we try the vanilla coconut milk ice cream. I’m not sure of the price as an add on, but a serving of the ice cream alone is $8.

Marys Secret Garden 5I loved the presentation. And both the cupcake and ice cream lived up to it. The cupcake was moist and chocolatey, and the peanut mousse was delicious and oh, so rich. The coconut milk ice cream was light and creamy, and a great complement for the cupcake.

Mary’s, as always, came through with a great, healthy meal. Yes, it is a little pricy, but all of the food is natural, organic, much of it raw and gluten free, and made on the premises. The service was friendly and the atmosphere is comfortable. Whether or not you are a vegan, Mary’s Secret Garden is a great option in Ventura.

Mary’s Secret Garden Organic Vegan Bistro
100 S. Fir St.
Ventura, CA 93001
(805) 641-3663
Reservations not required but suggested

Meatless Monday

My Marvelous Weekend (the Instagram version)

Other than that, Alan and I had a marvelous weekend in Ventura. While the desert sizzled at around 107 on Sunday, we were a little chilly in the overcast, cloudy weather on the coast. Still, it was good to get home and see the pups. I’m even glad it’s Monday, which is why I’m linking up with Katie for MIMM!

MiMMWe were in Ventura because Alan was announcing the Father’s Day 5k and 10k. At the last minute I decided to run the 10k. I have not really been training, just running, so I had no expectations. I though it would be a good tempo run, plus, the weather you know, how could I not enjoy that?

Here are some Instagram photos from the weekend (do you follow me?), that pretty much tell all about our Marvelous weekend.

VenturaSome would call it gloomy and cold. We called it wonderfully cool and a great change from the desert.

WineWe stopped and bought a few things for the morning before the race, plus I bought a bottle of wine. It wasn’t until we got back to the hotel room (or rather motel..Motel 6 that is. Ah, the glamorous life of a race announcer!), that I realize that I forgot to bring a wine opener. I have a lot of these. I seem to buy them every time we travel, then forget to bring it along the next.

RaceWe got to the race venue early. Before the race director actually. Alan likes to be prompt. That meant I had a few hours to wait around until the race actually started. There was a nap involved.

Race 2The race was fun. I had no real goals, but as I got going I decided I’d like to finish under an hour. It had been about 13 years since I’d run a 10k. In the last one I ran 44:04, was first woman and fourth person overall. I also won my 40-44 division (oh, and I was 44). I think four was my lucky number that year.

Race 4This year I accomplished my goal of coming in under an hour by about 45 seconds, 59:14. I was also second in my age group (the first woman in my age group was second woman overall!), and eight woman overall. Yes, it was a small race. It was also flat and cool, basically out and back on the bike path. Very well organized. Oh, and they had a great announcer too.

Race 3As part of the Father’s Day theme, there were team divisions: Father/Son, Father/Daughter, Grandfather/Grandson, and Grandfather/Granddaughter. The winners of each team division took home a cruiser bike! I passed this little cutie above on the way back. She did the whole 5k with her dad! When I passed her I gave her a thumbs up and said something like “great job!” She smiled and said “thank you very much!” Adorable.

They also gave out four cruiser bikes to random bib numbers. Sadly, I did not win.

NatashaThis is Natasha, not from over the weekend but earlier last week. For those of you who have asked: She’s doing just fine. She is 17 years old (so is her “brother,” Boris). She’s in great health, but lately she has been losing a lot of weight. We found out that she is hyperthyroid, a common condition in older cats. She also has a little UT infection. She is on medication for both and is doing much better. She should start to gain some of that weight back now, though she will be on the thyroid medication for the rest of her life. Happy ending!

Whew! Got a little wordy on this one didn’t I? Well, for those of you who stuck with me I hope that you had a marvelous weekend as well. Any events, delicious food, or other fun stuff? Do please share!

Marathon Training, Yoga Challenges, and Grandsons: Just a little recap

Busy weekend = mostly pictures. That and the Westminster Dog Show is distracting me. So, a little recap with a lot of pictures.

Marathon Training

What should be the biggest part of my recap is, well, not so much. I’m having schedule clashes, with clients who want to work out at 7:00 in the morning, and while I’m willing to get out there early, I’m hesitant to get out there too much in advance of the sunrise. That’s a long excuse for only two runs this week.

Running 2I did get out early on Wednesday, finishing my four miles by 6:00.

RunningAnd I did a 14 mile long run on Sunday (Saturday we had family stuff). I ran the first 5 miles with Alan and our neighbor, then took off on my own for the rest. The fire station is my perfect water stop. They have an ice machine, plus, well, firemen (though there weren’t any about on Sunday).

Total mileage only 18 miles! That should improve in the coming week. My work schedule is a little better and I have a cut back on the long run next weekend.

Yoga Challenge

Ironically, I’ve done much better with the Take the Leap 30 Days of Yoga Challenge with prAna and Sweat Pink that I did with running. I’ve managed at least a short practice every day since the beginning, and since I’m doing the Bringing Yoga Back challenge too (which fortunately work really well together), I’m really happy with my yoga efforts. I didn’t make it to a “real” class this week, but I practiced at home, both in and outdoors. Take a peek:

Week 2A little doggy-assisted yoga, my favorite kind.

Week 2_2While Alan worked the PS Half Marathon, I took a little run, the did a little posing.

Week 2_3Not only do I get help from my dogs, I get a lot of interest from the cats in the neighborhood.

Week 2_4I spread out my mat on the driveway to stretch after my Wednesday run.

Week 2_5I think I did a pretty good lizard pose variation, don’t you?

Week 2_6Back in the house, a 20 minute balance flow, and amazingly the dogs stayed clear (they were probably afraid I’d fall on them, my balance was that bad).

Week 2_8We traveled to Huntington Beach on Saturday for our twin grandsons’ 10th birthday party. While they played basketball, I posed.

Week 2_7I dragged Alan out for this one. Up in the trails behind our house, he took so many great pictures of my downward facing dog that I couldn’t choose just one.

Phew, week two in the books. I’m am so ready for week three!


As I mentioned, our grandsons turned 10 on Saturday (yes, they’re Valentine’s Day boys). It was a basketball themed party, so Alan and I had a chance to throw the ball around a little bit too. It had been 20 years a long time since I played basketball, and I was playing in flip flops, but I still managed a couple free throws (it seems much farther away than it did when I was younger!), and more than a few lay ups. From my Instagram:

Yes, we did. #basketball

A video posted by Debbe Woodruff (@coachdebbieruns) on

And this:

BirthdayThey asked to do this. #10yearoldboys

Valentine’s Day

We’re not big Valentine’s celebrators. We try to show our love daily, so it’s just not a big deal. We did, however, take the opportunity to stop for dinner at Native Foods on our way home from Huntington Beach on Saturday. It’s not exactly romantic, but it is our favorite restaurant. As I told one of our smartypants Facebook friends, it feels more romantic to us than candlelight and steaks!

Native Foods 3Native Foods 2Alan ordered three(!) cupcakes, so we had ALL the chocolate! I was really well fueled for my long run on Sunday. And fortunately not too sore from the basketball.

So, that was my week in training and life. What’s happening in yours? Any races, events, family fun?

Hiking to the Summit. And Other Fun Stuff

Snow Summit that is. In Big Bear.

Hiking to the Summit

Alan and I went back up to Big Bear over the weekend to visit our friend Cheryl, who lives about a quarter of a mile from Snow Summit, the big ski area there. Obviously there is no skiing going on right now, but the slopes are well used during the summer by hikers and mountain bikers. In fact, when we walked there for our hike, the parking lot was full!

Big BearI’m not sure why I love this picture so much. Maybe because I usually pose and try to look pretty and this time I’m obviously not.

One of the best things about traveling to the mountains (or the beach, or just about anywhere that isn’t the desert), is that we have a chance to sleep in a little without giving up any hope of exercising outdoors.  We actually slept until after 6:00 (believe me, that’s late in our world where cross country practice starts at 5:30 am), take our time, drink coffee, eat breakfast, and generally enjoy the morning before heading out for our hike at about 10:00.

Big Bear 14The view from in front of our friends house. This doesn’t really show the top of the mountain, but yes, we’re going up there.

Alan and I are in pretty good shape, but this hike was definitely a challenge. The trail was really steep in some areas, but really beautiful too. The views were stunning, especially of Big Bear Lake.

Big Bear 10At one point in our hike I was feeling cocky and started running up a fairly steep but smooth part of the trail. Of course Alan had to run too. After about 25 yards I’d had it. I started walking again, but found that I actually needed to stop to catch my breath. Ah, hiking in thin air.

Big Bear 12We did make it to the top (it was only a mile and a half..ha!). Once there we saw the big attraction of summertime Snow Summit..mountain biking.

Big Bear 7It’s huge! They have a lot of different courses from easy to difficult, and of course there are bike rentals at the base of the hill. The cyclists take the gondolas to the top and then ride all the way downhill. They keep the hiking trails separate, so you don’t have to worry about a random cyclist flying over a hill and mowing you down.

Big Bear 8That’s San Gorgonio in the background, a peak we usually see from the other side when we are at home in the desert.

Big Bear 9We stopped at the top long enough to refill our water bottles, take a couple pictures, and check out the elevation (about 8,200 feet). Then we headed back down. It was a lot easier (except on my gimpy knees). We even ran part of the way.

Big Bear 11We actually bumped into a couple people that recognized Alan. Yes, as announcer of many races in Southern California he is a little bit of a celebrity among runners. One of them was a cross country runner from Beaumont, in Big Bear for the altitude training, who ran the Palm Springs 5k (and half marathon).

Big Bear 6It was a great hike. Only about three miles, but oh, so challenging. In fact, I’m planning on bringing my cross country team up next week. We’re getting a good deal on a cabin and it will be great for their training (and their team building/bonding).

After the hike, we headed out to lunch with Cheryl. After a lot of Yelp searching and phone calls, we settled on a restaurant that was really close to her house. Alan had the vegetarian burrito, and I had the Southwestern salad, which was really good.

Big Bear 3The server “got it” when I explained what I needed, so when I asked about the dressing he told me that it wasn’t vegan. Instead, I created my own dressing on the spot, using the guacamole, salsa, a little oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. It was delicious!

The Rest of the Week: Featured on Instagram

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen a lot of these pictures, but if not (why not?), here are some scenes from the week.

Big Bear 4

On Thursday morning I just wasn’t feeling the run, so I took a walk (which actually turned into mostly a run). Slowing down allows you to appreciate what you’re seeing out there (and gives you time to photograph it).

Big Bear 2The dogs were pretty happy when we got home from Big Bear. This is Goldie, our “special needs” girl, flashing her brightest smile.

Coco and Johnny were also excited that we were home, though you can’t exactly tell from their pictures.

Big Bear 15

Big Bear 16

On Thursday afternoons, we have our cross country “heat adaptation” practice at a park about 6:00 pm. The girls need to have some heat training so that they can compete at their league meets in September. After a couple weeks where it was too hot even for heat training, we met at the park and we all were pretty surpirsed at how busy it was in the middle of August when it was about 103 degrees. In addition to the girls, there were peewee football players, tennis and volleyball, even an ultimate Frisbee game going on. And of course, the aquatic center, right next door, was packed.

Big Bear 13

Rest in Peace Robin Williams

I was just so shocked and saddened by the death of Robin Williams that I need to take a moment here to pay my respects. I’ve been a fan since Mork and Mindy, was always proud that I was part of a focus audience for Good Morning Vietnam, adored his more serious roles in Dead Poet’s Society, Good Will Hunting, and Awakenings (one of my favorite movies ever). I loved that, despite his struggles with addiction, he was also an athlete, and a big supporter of the Challenged Athletes’ Foundation. I was stunned beyond words when I heard the news this afternoon, as I’m sure most people were. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

sports-sandiegoI hope you will take a moment to hug your loved ones a little closer, because you never know where our paths will lead.

What I Ate…Vegan on the Road at IHRSA

What you won’t find in this post: A list of elegant vegan restaurants, beautifully photographed entrees, or how I packed enough food to feast upon for four days. What you will find: How I survived, ate delicious food, some great memories, and created a few good pictures from my vegan on a budget weekend.

I did bring a few things with me. A small bunch of bananas. A few Clifbars. A tub of hummus, coconut milk creamer, and popcorn. Oh, and a bottle of wine. I wasn’t a girl scout, but I know about being prepared.

I am afraid that I don’t even remember the name of the cafe where I had lunch on my first day at the convention. I had bumped into Kymberly and we wanted to find a quick lunch close to the convention center. I figured I could always order a salad no matter where we went, and that is exactly what I did. Their chopped salad was pretty good with a good mix of vegetables. A little lemon, oil, vinegar, and pepper made a tasty dressing. It was the company that was the important part anyway.

By the time I checked in to my hotel on Wednesday, it was after 5 and I’d been on the go for over 12 hours. I really didn’t feel like searching out and driving to a vegan restaurant, so instead I headed to Little Italy, a neighborhood in downtown San Diego, where you will find many Italian restaurants and lots of pasta. I filled up on capelinni with tomato and basil and it was quite good. Not shown in the (incredibly bad) photo, the glass of wine I had with dinner.

Vegan at IHRSA

Bad picture, great food, at one of the Italian Restaurants in Little Italy.

Because I never made it to a grocery store (and I didn’t have a refrigerator in my room, just my cooler) breakfast on Thursday was a little, um, unplanned. A bagel and some fruit from the free continental breakfast at my hotel, plus a banana, and a Clifbar, were all I had through the day. By the time I finished up my last session for the day at 3:00, I was starving. I decided it was worth it to head over to one of the few vegan restaurants in San Diego, Evolution Fast Food.

vegan at IHRSA

I’d been there before, back when I was in town to deal with the death of my Aunt Lois, but I was kind of surprised at how easy it was to drive there from the convention center. Um, two miles straight up 5th St? No problem!


Once there I loaded up on a few things. A Buffalo Chick’n Sandwich, a veggie sandwich for the following day, a peachy dessert that was delicious and so huge that it lasted for the next 3 days, and a raw scramble, made with almonds, curry, cilantro and other seasonings that was really good.

bla bla bla

A little later in the evening, I headed over to meet my son and daughter in law for dinner. They are about a 20 minute drive from downtown so it was a pretty quick drive. After a little discussion (they are NOT vegan), we chose the Genghis Grill Mongolian Stir Fry. I was a little hesitant, but it turned out to be very good. The concept is that you select the ingredients of your meal as you pass through a salad bar type area. You pick your protein (they keep the tofu with the vegetables, not the meat, which is good), your seasoning, vegetables, and sauces then they grill them up and bring them to your table. I made sure to tell them that mine was vegetarian, and they promise to keep it separate for the meat-filled areas. It was delicious!


On Friday morning, I brought along my goodies from Evolution Fast Food, and ate some of the raw scramble before my shopping and exercise at the Lorna Jane grand opening. I ate my veggie sandwich while I was at the trade show (right after my Anti Gravity Yoga class when I needed some refueling).

After spending about four hours wandering the floor of the convention center, I was starving (again) and I couldn’t think of anything that sounded better than another Buffalo Chick’n Sandwich. This time I ordered it with fries and it was just as good as I remembered.

It was an early evening for me. After all the walking through the convention center, the classes at Lorna Jane and the trade show, I was pooped. The next day, Saturday, I grabbed yet another bagel and bowl of fruit from the hotel breakfast, but my main fuel for my last session of the convention was the last of the raw scramble (and a banana).


Then I was off to visit Samuel (and his parents) again. They invited me for brunch! We had a potato scramble, salad, guacamole, and a fruit bowl.


While some of my meals seem a little off the cuff and random, they really prove that it is possible to adhere to your vegan diet easily, even when you’re on the road. Nothing was fancy, but all was delicious.

How do you manage when you travel? Do you search for just the right restaurant, bring a lot of your own food, hit the supermarket when you arrive, or…?

Let’s Put This Week to Bed. In (Mostly) Pictures

I have rehashed this week to death. You’ve read about my accident, my feelings about my accident, and my completion of the Move Nourish Believe Challenge in spite of the accident. I am tired of talking about it myself. So, I won’t. Except that a decent size insurance check should be arriving today so let the car shopping will begin.

We deserved a good weekend and the good karma gods delivered. If you follow me on Instagram you have a good idea what we’ve been up to (and if not, why not?). In any case, here are some pictures from the last week.

Running Girl

Goodbye Running Girl


Egg Tofu

My new discover thanks to Cadry’s Kitchen. I can’t believe how easy it is too make “tofu eggs!”


Mmmm, vegan pizza


On the trails with Penny on Saturday before leaving for the beach.

Penny and Mom


The view from our hotel room in Encinitas


Enjoying a little sea breeze, watching kids playing in the ocean, adults playing beach volleyball. Life in So Cal in February!



One of the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen. Also from the hotel room.


This was about 5 minutes after the sun had set. Still amazing.

Native Foods

Dinner at Native Foods. Two weeks in a row!

Native Foods 2

Soul Bowl

Native Foods 3

Bad pic, good food. Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger.


A foggy morning on Sunday.


At about mile 9 of 10.



Finally, the reason for our trip to San Diego! 15 months old!

bla bla bla

We got to meet Chloe.

bla bla bla

bla bla bla

Samuel 4

bla bla bla

bla bla bla

Lunch at PF Changs. These pictures were much better than the food pics.

bla bla blaThe week ended on a good note. Nothing like spending time with family to remind you of what is important and how precious life is.

I guess it’s time to start looking for a new car. I have pretty much decided that I want to start by looking at another Honda CRV. It was such a good car that it’s hard to think about a different one. Unless I get a really good deal on something else!

I want to thank you again for the support, love and concern that you expressed through the last week. It truly helped me stay strong in spite of the circumstances.

So, how was your weekend? Any travel, events, or special family time?

Vegan Food on the Road, Cross Country, & Costume Party Run Update


I’ve mentioned before that I’m a Team Ignite Athlete, but I thought it was kind of cool how they jazzed up my picture, so I thought I’d share. I’ve been using the InRefresh Electrolytes, and loving it, especially in this humid, hot weather we’ve been suffering through enjoying lately. I didn’t carry my own fluids during the Costume Party Run, but I tried to hydrate as much as possible, both before and after the race, using InRefresh.

Costume Party Run Update

Speaking of the Costume Party Run, I received an email from Ken at Superhero Events. He thanked all the participants, asked for feedback about the race, and promised that it would be even bigger and better next year. The improvements will include providing tech shirts instead of trucker’s hats, and reducing the amount of distance spent running through the parking lot of Qualcomm. Hurray! Those were my only two, admittedly minor, complaints. And they are going to make the finisher’s medal even bigger! Next year, it will be the size of an actual 45 record. Huge! Can’t wait for next year. Hmmm, what should I go as?

Vegan Food

Cross Country

Cross Country practice started on Tuesday! I am always excited to get the season underway, meet the team, start training and planning for the upcoming year. The fact that practice started on the worst day, weather-wise, that we’ve had yet didn’t put a damper on my excitement.

Vegan Food - Costume Party Run

It looks pretty, but it was hot, humid, and even smoky! Though the weather managed to get even worse for my own run the next morning. Just gotta say, 70% humidity is HUGE in the desert! It just doesn’t happen. Until it does.

Vegan Food - Costume Party Run

Vegan Food on the Road

I always get excited when I travel to Encinitas, because I know that I’ll get to eat at my favorite restaurants. After we checked into the hotel on Saturday, Alan and I walked over to the Roxy for lunch. I was in the mood for hummus for some reason, so that’s what I ordered. The Hummus and Pita appetizer, plus a side salad (I didn’t take a picture of it but it was HUGE!).

Vegan Food

I couldn’t even eat the whole thing (the picture is missing a slice of hummus because I couldn’t wait–I reformed it into a 5 pointed star instead of 6). We burned it off by walking to Moonlight Beach to check out the renovations that had been done. They recently built a new dressing room/restroom/concessions complex, made some changes to the landscaping, and enlarged the picnic/playground area. It looked really nice.

Now that Native Foods has opened in Encinitas, there is never any doubt where we’re going to have dinner. I did post a teaser photo on Instagram, though.

Vegan Food

Alan and I both went old school. I had the Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger, he had the Chicken Run Ranch Burger. And we shared an order of Native Fries. And we each had a piece of apple pie. I had to fuel for my race, didn’t I?

Vegan Food

Vegan Food

Vegan Food

Honestly, I think I kind of overdid it at dinner. Fortunately I didn’t have any stomach issues during the race, but my tummy didn’t quite feel normal. Too much delicious food!

After the race (if you missed my recap click here) and a little rest, we headed to the Lotus Cafe for a late breakfast. I was delighted to see that they’d added a full line of breakfast items to their menu, including my favorite, Tofu Scramble. It was really very good. It was served with vegan breakfast sausage (I don’t think I’ve even tried that before!), and potatoes. It did a great job of refilling my tank!

Vegan Food

Even better than the food though, was who we got to eat with.

Vegan Food - family

Vegan Food - family

And especially

Vegan Food - Family

As you can see, Samuel is wearing a specially designed helmet that will correct and round out a flat spot on his head. According to my son, this has become more common since they now tell parents to always put an infant to sleep on their back. If they turn their head more often to one side than the other, it can develop a flat spot. The helmet will correct it, but he has to wear it for four-six months. Since that will encompass football season, my forward looking son and daughter-in-law had the helmet made in blue and are awaiting receipt of various Charger logo stickers to dress up Samuel’s helmet.

Vegan Food - family

I was mostly concerned because, for a baby who always has a smile on his face, Samuel didn’t look very happy. I was afraid the helmet was making him sad. They assured me that he was simply tired, and it was true that after a short nap, the true Samuel-face reappeared.

Vegan Food - family

I drove home feeling completely happy and satisfied on all levels. I successfully completed my half marathon within seconds of my two hour goal (I’m simply not going to sweat that 11 seconds), had great food the whole weekend, and best of all, got to spend time with my family. Life is good.

I’m a little late asking this, but I hope you’ll still tell me..How was your weekend? Did you compete in any events, eat at any great restaurants, spend time with family? It was such a long weekend that you may have had time to do all of the above!