How to Overcome the Top 5 Exercise Excuses

Stop Quitting 2

You haven’t started your fitness program yet. You know you should. You’ve heard the benefits. So, what’s your excuse? Oh, and try to be original. As a personal trainer and coach, I have probably heard every excuse in the book. If you spend more time making excuses than actually working out, read on. I have […]

8 Tips for Running Downhill.

8 Tips

Whenever a runner has a hilly race to run, the focus is on the uphill. After all, that’s the hard part, right? Running uphill makes your heart pound, your lungs burn, and your legs scream. So you prepare for such a challenging event by uphill training, getting stronger and more adept at running up those […]

It’s All About the Bass: The Workout

All About the Base

It’s Fitness Friday and I’m excited to bring you a fun and challenging workout for your butt rear aspect. Actually, it will strengthen your entire lower body, improve your balance, and protect you against injury. It’s All About the Bass: The Workout The only equipment you need are dumbbells or kettlebells, and a stability ball, […]

Running Wednesday: My Favorite Pure Speed Workout

Ladder Workout

So, you want to get faster? The thing is, now matter what your fitness level, your age, your abilities, the process is the same. If you want to get faster you have to, well, run faster. Science may come up with new ways to track your training, coaches may design new killer workouts, you can […]

Training Recap (6 days until SLO Marathon!)

Trail Run 3

The important stuff first. I’m happy to announce that the winner of Dinner for Two and a bottle of wine at Mitch’s on El Paseo is Denise L! Congratulations! I know you’ll enjoy it. Also good luck to all of the runners at the Boston Marathon today! I have many blogging friends doing the race […]

A Few WTF Moments and My Training Recap


I’m not sure if WTF moments is the right term, but a few things this week have given me pause. First though, if you’re a local or visitor to the Palm Springs area, don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a $150 gift certificate and a bottle of wine at Mitch’s on El Paseo! It’s […]