Vegan Recipe: Spicy Chipotle Seitan with Avocado

Boston Inspired 11

I have been known to throw things around in the kitchen. By that I mean I scan my fridge and cupboards, get a glimmer of an idea, then create a meal by throwing things together. Sometimes it doesn’t work. Most of the time it does (I’m lucky like that). And sometimes I throw together something […]

Vegan Recipe: Shawarma Salad

Shawarma Salad

Long ago, when I still ate meat, my favorite restaurant was a little hole in the wall called the Pita House. It was owned by an Israeli couple, and they specialized in Middle Eastern dishes. The specialty was Chicken Shawarma, and Alan and I loved it so much that we not only ate there once […]

Roasted Seitan Potato Stacks: A Vegan Un-Recipe.

Seitan Stacks 3

To understand why I call these roasted Seitan Potato Stacks an Un-recipe, you need to understand how I plan dinner. Unlike some of the magnificently organized bloggers that I stalk follow, like Lindsay, Laura, and Angela, who not only make a meal plan every Sunday they also find the time to write about it, my […]

Easy Curried Seitan Stuffed Avocado. Vegan


This was the first day of my Training Unplan, and, in a great example of its versatility, I took a day off. So far, so good. Curried Seitan Stuffed Avocado I will admit that I had a head start on this dish. I purchased some Curry seitan from my new favorite brand, Sweet Earth, a […]