Random Thoughts and Musings

Today is Thursday! Or SHIT day as my husband has been known to call it (Sure Happy It’s Thursday!). That means it’s time to link up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud.


I’m going random for today’s post (unlike last week when I was out to improve the blogosphere’s grammar). So, in no particular order, here some random thoughts and musings on this SHIT day.

Running Again

I took my first run in a week this morning. After backing out of the SLO Marathon because of back pain I decided to take some time off to make sure that I gave myself time to heal. While my back is not perfect yet, it felt fine on the run.  Of course, I only ran three miles, so we’ll see how it goes. I think I need to spend some quality time with my foam roller tonight.

trail run 4

What’s Next

That brings up the question of what is next in my running life. Well, aside from the Honolulu Marathon, not much for right now. I’m going to get together with neighbor and running partner Christina to see if we can find a half marathon. It would be her first, which is always fun, and my millionth (or something like that).

Another S.H.I.T. Story

Another story my husband tells about shit (yeah, he’s full of it..ha!), is that the term SHIT came from back in the 16th and 17th century when large quantities of manure would be shipped because that was the fertilizer of the time. After losing a couple ships because the build up of methane gas would cause explosions, these bundles were marked S.H.I.T. to mean Ship High In Transport. Sadly, Snopes doesn’t agree, but it is a great story, isn’t it?

On Dogs Getting Older

Penny, my Dalmatian turned 14 on Tuesday. While she’s in pretty good shape for her age, she doesn’t really run too much anymore, which makes me sad. She was my number one running partner for years. I rarely went on a run without her, and she still looks sad when I go out the door alone. Anthropomorphism maybe, but you should see the look in her eyes. And she still follows me around the house to make sure that I don’t sneak away for a run.

Penny and Mom


Grandchildren are exhausting! Samuel, at two and a half is active, curious, and smart, all wonderful traits. As I found when the family visited on Sunday, those same traits lead him to explore, dump the dog’s water into other containers, attempt to ride the dogs, and just generally stay in constant motion. Yep, there’s a reason we usually have them when we’re young.  I think we need to keep a few special toys on hand for his visits. Another thing that Alan says, referring to children (and dogs), “one’s fun, two’s business.” That is so true, so wishing my son and daughter-in-law all the best when my granddaughter Emma Marie is born in September.

Samuel 2

Bye Bye Snowbirds!

As May approaches, we are wrapping up our busy season here in the desert. While those of us who work hard all season long appreciate a little break (and less traffic), it also means less income for personal trainers like me, as well as hotter weather (supposed to hit 100 today!). The lower income is always a little scary, especially after spending a large part of last summer unemployed.

The Worst Driver in California

If you’ll recall, I was in a car accident a year ago (when my beloved Running Girl/CRV was totaled). Because I was the third car in a three car collision it was determined that I was partially at fault even though the lady in front of me basically admitted that she was texting while driving. Not to go off on a rant tangent, but that will eternally bother me because I truly feel that if she had not crashed into the car in front of her, thereby stopping shorter than could be expected, I would never have hit her. Anyway, I also get a ticket last year, my first one in about 15 years, for “running a red light,” which was actually rolling through the light just as the right turn arrow changed from yellow to red. Yes, it was still illegal, but it wasn’t like I was flooring it trying to make the green light.

Running Girl

Anyway, a couple months ago I got a letter from the dear California DMV telling me that because of these two things I was considered one of the worst drivers in the state. Seriously, it said that. No options to make me a better driver, just basically calling me names. It kind of cracked me up because I am, the above to the contrary, a very good driver. Now when Alan and I are together in the car, if I remark about something stupid that another driver is doing (and boy, they to a lot stupider things than I ever could do!), he’ll say something like, “watch out! Don’t piss off the worst driver in California!” We laugh, but I’m still annoyed about the whole thing. One ticket in 15 years!

A Little Bit Country

Last weekend was Stagecoach, the third weekend in a row of music festivals here in the desert (the first two being the two weeks of the Coachella Music Festival). I’m not really a county music fan, so I don’t really notice it too much. Alan and I did go one night a few years ago, when someone gave us tickets and we got to see the Eagles and John Fogarty, but that’s my only experience. One thing that we notice each year. One is the “costume” of the festival. For the men it’s jeans, boots, and a cowboy hat. For the girls, especially the young ones, it’s Daisy Mae cut-off shorts, short halter top, cowboy boots and hat. Preferably covering as little as possible, something they probably regretted this year since it got pretty chilly Saturday night.

The other thing I saw were Confederate flags! A pretty rare sight in California, fortunately, but I guess a country music festival brings in all types.

And Finally

There is a couple that Alan and I pass frequently when we’re driving towards home. An older couple, out for a walk, usually in the afternoon. Good for them right? Getter in their exercise, spending time together. No, wait. They never actually walk together. Rather, one of them is always about 50 feet in front of the other. Always. I’ve never seen them walking side by side. Weird, yes, but whatever floats your boat!

So what random thing is on your mind today?

In case you missed it…

In Case You Missed It

I rarely post on Saturday, but this is such big news I just have to share right now. In case you missed it on Instagram

Its a girlYes, we’re going to have a granddaughter! Her name is Emma Marie and she is expected the first week of September.

This family needs a little sugar and spice. With two sons, two stepsons, and three grandsons, I am just a little over the top excited. I can’t wait for a little pink!

Baby Girl

(I am being a little bit silly here. She may hate pink.)

Ahh, but this one:

I love grandmaSomeone’s going to have a baby sister!

Big Brother

In Case You Missed It (#2)

I’m guest posting over on Rachel’s blog! Check it out!

Lessons from RunningBack to regularly scheduled weekend activity. Have a great one!

Monday Runday: The Training Begins for My Next Event

Just popping in for a quick post after a great birthday weekend. It’s almost 7:00 (though it feels like 8:00 because of the time change) on Sunday night and I haven’t touched my computer all weekend. Yay for me! I had a fun “grandma” weekend, which I will share much more of later in the week, but I wanted to let you know that I have picked my next event!

San Diego Holiday Half Marathon - Monday Runday - Torrey Pines

Fortunately, my next race will end at Torrey Pines State Beach and NOT climb up that hill!

Yes, after a couple of weeks of hinting, I have decided that I’m going to run the San Diego Holiday Half Marathon! It’s on December 29, meaning I’d better get training because that is less than two months away. And if the next eight weeks are anything like the last few months, we will just blink our eyes and it will be time to race.

I’ll post a detailed training schedule in another post, but I plan to train pretty hard for this race. I am still chasing that elusive post-50-year-old sub-two-hour half marathon, even though I came within 11 seconds last July in the Costume Party Run. While I was perfectly happy with that result, that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop trying to do even better.

I will have a few advantages that will help me achieve my goal. They are, in no particular order:

  1. Training in the fall/winter instead of spring/summer. In the desert that means a lot.
  2. Alan will be announcing this race, which always gives me extra motivation to do well (plus I get to hear his words, “here comes my favorite person in the whole wide world..”
  3. San Diego. December. Awesome.
  4. Finally, the course seems to be designed for PR-ing. It is a point-to-point course that starts inland (in Ranch Penasquitos) and runs, basically downhill, toward the coast, ending at Torrey Pines State Beach. While I am not going for a PR (that was set years ago and would be more that 25 minutes faster than my current time), that 714 net drop sounds pretty good.

If you live or are planning to visit San Diego for the holidays, I would love to have you join me! It’s a few days after Christmas, which makes it a great way to kick off the new year. And a PR course? Come on! You can sign up here.

Stay tuned for the training schedule. And my weekend recap. In the meantime, here are a few pictures to hold you over.

Grandsons - trainingSo happy to see these two and continue our tradition of taking a run in the morning when we’re visiting (after the other tradition: going to Starbucks with Grandpa for coffee (for us) and hot chocolate (for them)).

Grandsons - trainingSelfie with Grandma

Grandsons - trainingI’m behind as usual. All the better for the photo ops.

Grandsons - trainingIt was a beautiful day. The clouds behind us look like a painting!

Grandsons - trainingAnother tradition: The post-run group selfie.

Grandsons - trainingTo complete the Grandson Sweep, we drove south on Sunday morning to visit Samuel (and his parents).

Grandsons - trainingGrowing so fast! Drinking from a cup (with help).

Grandsons - trainingHis dad, or maybe his Uncle David, I can’t remember for sure, used to make this exact face!

Grandsons - trainingLook at those teeth! Seven!

Grandsons - trainingNot our best pose.

Grandsons - trainingMuch better!

Grandsons - trainingI just love this thoughtful expression.

Grandsons - trainingGrandpa and Samuel

Vegan dining - trainingSome eats: Falafel Wrap at Coach’s in Huntington Beach

Vegan dining - trainingCoconut soup at Spice’s Thai Restaurant in Mira Mesa

Vegan Dining - trainingThis was the lunch special (plus the soup)! So much food, including the curry with vegetables and tofu, spring rolls, a salad, and brown rice.

 All in all a great weekend. And a perfect way to celebrate my birthday.

How was your weekend? What are you training for right now?

Family Time

Just a quick post.

Busy weekend. I did NOT do my long run this weekend (the last before the Costume Party Run). I will do it tomorrow because I have an extra day off this weekend.

I did run though, five miles on Saturday, six-plus on Sunday. We also dealt with an electrical issue. Friday morning, I turned on the bathroom lights and…POP…they went off. All the normal remedies did not work. The lights and outlets in both my bathrooms are not working. Alan and I tried replacing the GFI which did not help (and we had such high hopes, too!). Next step, call an electrician, a prospect which sounds complicated and expensive.

The main thing I want to write about, and the reason I didn’t get my long run done on Sunday is…

Family Time

Yes, we went to San Diego on Sunday to visit my son Nathan, daughter-in-law Sarah, and of course, my grandson Samuel. Believe it or not, he’s going to be seven months in a few days! Yes, time flies. So, our Sunday, mostly in pictures (and a couple videos).

If you love to hear a baby laugh, you need to watch the video above. Samuel and his daddy. It’s pretty short, formatted a little funny because these were videos posted to Instagram (or supposed to be, the first one, the best one, didn’t upload properly).

Family Time

They told me that Samuel would just pull off his sunglasses. Ha! Grandma got him to keep them on. The secret:

Family Time

Catch them while they’re sleeping.

Family Time

Feeding Samuel his, um, orange vegetable (can’t remember, but he seemed to love them).

Family Time

We had lunch at Chipotle. This time Alan and I had the Sofritas Bowl (see my review here). Oddly, Chipotle is one of the few restaurants of any sort that can accommodate Alan’s and my vegan lifestyle and Sarah and Nathan’s Paleo diet, even now when they are in the middle of a Whole 30.

Samuel 7

Nothing like selfies with your grandson.

The video is a collection of several vids that we took, mostly Samuel laughing, smiling, wiggling, cooing, etc. Standard grandparent stuff. Cutest baby ever (and no, we’re not biased).

Family Time

I obviously was having a wonderful time. And I was just as obviously in a hurry to edit these photos or I would have cut my son’s feet out of this shot.

Samuel Collage 2

Family Time

I spent most of my day on the floor. In this case, floor = heaven.

Samuel Collage

That was my weekend. How was yours?

Checking In. Plus a Workout!

Just in case you thought I fell off the face of the earth I figured I’d check in just so you know that, yes, I did. Well, kind of. I’ll fill you in soon, but for now just know I have done no running,  yoga or any other form of exercise for five days. I haven’t blogged or written anything other than a check for four days. I survived on Subway sandwiches, a stale bagel, coffee, and a little wine.  I have not had enough sleep, and the sleep I did get was not sound. The only good things about the last several days is that one, my husband was with me and going through the same thing that I was (not that it was good that he was miserable, but that I wasn’t alone, if you get my meaning). I also got to spend time with my sister Lisa, who I haven’t seen for a few months. And I also got to visit and hold the newest important man in my life, my grandson Samuel.


Intrigued? I promise my next post will explain all. Do know that my family and I are all fine, and that I am really not doing this to make you wonder or worry. Just no time or energy to explain properly now.

Needless to say, I am back at work this morning exhausted slightly tired. Of course, Monday is the day I teach a class I call The Fast and the Furious, a 30 minute or less circuit workout designed to kick some butt. I really didn’t feel like doing it, but I’m glad I had no choice but to push myself through. I’m still tired, but the class made me feel invigorated. For your workout pleasure:


Back soon, I promise. And if you couldn’t get enough of the picture of Alan and Samuel, here is the complete video:

That is the 49er playoff game playing in the background, so as you can see, Alan’s weekend had some highlights too.

Did you watch any football this weekend? Run any races? See any family? Do tell!

Sunday Silence: Our Pre-Christmas Celebration in (Mostly) Pictures

It’s been a busy week in this household. On Friday, we headed to Orange County to visit with Alan’s son and his family. We were taking care of the grandsons while their parents had an evening for themselves. We stayed overnight in Huntington Beach, took a run in the morning, then we all headed south to San Diego to visit my oldest son, who was hosting the family Christmas celebration this year. It was so cool to have our three grandsons together (plus my two sons). Anyway, for this Sunday evening, here is the weekend in (mostly) pictures.


It was chilly but beautiful in Huntington Beach, perfect for a run along the coast. I started out alone (the boys didn’t want to run, so Alan and I were going to run in shifts), but then the boys changed their minds and decided to join in the fun.




Down the street from our grandsons’ home is this amazing display of Christmas cheer. These folks do it up right for every holiday, and really go all out for Christmas.



You all know the real reason I was excited about the family Christmas this year (see below). Samuel is now three weeks old and beautiful. This visit I was healthy, so I could hold, kiss, and smell him.



My son Nathan, with his son.


My niece, Brynne and Samuel.


Christmas 2012 122


My youngest son David with his nephew.



Here is Samuel (with mom, Sarah) sporting his San Francisco Giants’ onesie. Guess who bought it for him?


Teddy, my grand-doggy, is definitely one of the most photogenic dogs I’ve ever seen. I have almost as many pictures of him as I have of Samuel. Almost.



Although I think Buddy gives him a run for his money.


One of the things I was most excited about was the chance to have all three of our grandsons together. It’s those little moments that mean the most. That’s Dane on the left, Cash on the right.




From my family to yours, we wish you all a very Elvis Christmas.