Welcome to the World Emma Marie, My Granddaughter

Emma Marie

This has been quite a week, to put it lightly. Actually, as you know if you follow me on Instagram, this has been a week of amazing highs and devastating lows. Talk about a roller coaster. It didn’t seem quite right, though, to combine the events of the week, so for today I just want […]

On Loss: Thinking Out Loud

Live Fully

Bear with me today if you will. I’m still struggling with dealing with the death of my friend and colleague a few days ago. And since Thursday’s are for Thinking Out Loud, today seemed a good time to get some of my conflicting feelings out. So, if reading about death and loss isn’t what you’re […]

Random Thoughts and Musings

trail run 4

Today is Thursday! Or SHIT day as my husband has been known to call it (Sure Happy It’s Thursday!). That means it’s time to link up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud. I’m going random for today’s post (unlike last week when I was out to improve the blogosphere’s grammar). So, in no particular order, […]

Why this isn’t a SLO Marathon Race Recap

SLO Recap

So, I’ve been lying to you. Well, just a little. (Which begs the question, is there really such thing as a little lie?) Anyway, I haven’t told you the whole truth. Which starts with, I didn’t run the SLO Marathon yesterday. Before I get to that though, I want to congratulate Tina Muir, who ran […]

In case you missed it…

Its a girl

In Case You Missed It I rarely post on Saturday, but this is such big news I just have to share right now. In case you missed it on Instagram… Yes, we’re going to have a granddaughter! Her name is Emma Marie and she is expected the first week of September. This family needs a […]

Recap: The Week in Training and Life


Countdown to the SLO Marathon (Still haven’t signed up? Click here and use the code WOODAMB at checkout to save $10) The countdown to the SLO Marathon has begun! In less than four weeks I will be in San Luis Obispo at the start line of my 37th marathon. Will I be ready? Yes! Will […]