Cross Country, Vegan Eats and Samuel Time!

The highlight of my week:

Samuel2Of course, seeing Samuel is always the highlight of the week, but there were a few other things going on.

Cross Country Begins

Cross country practice started on Tuesday. I’m coaching the girls team only this year, so it is a different experience than in previous years. We’re losing a couple of our best runners (they’re transferring to another school, long story), but we’re also expecting a new student, moving from Washington state, a sophomore with a cross country PR of around 18:30. Last year we had a strong, young team, so I’m excited about the coming season.

Live from La Quinta - Girls Cross Country Team - Running

Our 2012 girls team.

Cross country is very time consuming though. We meet five days a week, and that includes my usual running days (except Sunday, which I keep for my own). I do get to run with the girls a lot at this time of the season, when we’re building endurance. Because of my work schedule we have two afternoon practices a week, so they’re getting their heat training early. Those practices are at 6 pm but, using this evening as an example, it is still 110 degrees at 6:30 pm, so it’s pretty tough. They need it, but we keep it short and pretty easy, especially at first. Last week we did a circuit strength workout that included a lap on the track between each set. Challenging but doable (and we stayed in the shade for the strength portion).

Samuel Time

As I mentioned, this was the highlight of my weekend. My son and daughter in law are building a house in Murrieta, and they invited us to see the progress. Well, not exactly progress because the actual home building hasn’t really begun, but they wanted us to see the location and the model. And we wanted to see Samuel them.

We met them at a little airport near their soon-to-be new home because Samuel loves to watch the planes taking off. One of his first words, “Wow!” gets used a lot while he’s there.

Samuel3We hadn’t seen him for a couple months and at that age, what a difference a couple months makes! He seems so grown up (at 19 months), he walks (and runs) so well, he’s starting to say a few words (still can’t get him to say Grandma yet though), and is generally fun and playful. Alan had a great time playing with him.


GrandpaWe all piled in their car and went to lunch. Our go-to restaurant in that area is the Earth Bistro, which serves meat but has plenty of vegan options.


After lunch we piled back in the car and drove out to their new home site. Sitting in the back seat, squeezed in between Samuel in his car seat and Alan, I really felt I needed to take some grandma selfies. Samuel helped.


Samuel5The house is being built in a new development, so there are only a few homes built so far. They are just opening up the sports complex/playground in a few days. So far, the lot has been leveled, the wall is being built, and I believe they’ll being laying the foundation in the next week or so. So right now, we got to see a pile of dirt. But, it’s Nathan and Sarah’s pile of dirt.

HomeI think their house is going to be beautiful! We got to see the model and I loved the layout. It has a huge open concept kitchen/living/dining area, several bedrooms, an office for my son, and an office/work room for my daughter in law. And it will be solar powered! It should be ready to move in by mid-October. I’m so excited for them. It’s their first home, and I love that they are moving closer to us. It’s only about an hour and a half drive. Close enough to babysit!

Vegan Eats

After lunch at Native Foods in Costa Mesa last week,  I was in the mood for more, so I picked up lunch to bring back to work on Wednesday. So good. (Not pictured, the fries that are included with the daily special. They didn’t survive the 15 minute ride back to work.)

Native FoodsAfter our first evening cross country practice, I’d planned to stop at Z Pizza and pick up a vegan pizza. I didn’t know, until I parked in front of the restaurant, that they are closed temporarily. It was a little late to start from scratch (and I was in the mood for pizza), so instead I picked up a cheese-less veggie pizza from Pizza Hut, added a little Daiya to it and popped it under the broiler when I got home. For some reason I didn’t take a picture, but I’m sure you can visualize it.

I did take a picture of our food at the Earth Bistro. Alan had a veggie burger and I had a grilled veggie sandwich. I also took a picture of the stuffed grape leaves, which were Samuel’s, but they were vegan so I had to try one. They were good!

LunchThe other day I received the cookbook “Paleo By Season: A Chef’s Approach to Paleo Cooking” in the mail. I’m not sure exactly why. I didn’t order it or offer to review it. I don’t do Paleo, so that wouldn’t be something I would be interested in. Sarah and Nathan, however, do follow a Paleo diet, so I gave them the book. If you’re interested, you can look for a review soon on their blog, Rock like Grok.


On Saturday evening, a day that started with 6 am cross country practice, traveled to Murrieta to see the family, we ended the day with a party at our friend Liz’s house. It’s totally family oriented, they even showed a movie in the back yard on a big screen when it got dark. But there are grown ups there (and wine!). And she’s an amazing cook and always creates something deliciously vegan for us. This time is was enchiladas. One of the things I love the most is seeing how the vegan food she cooks (in addition to regular food for her other guests), gets gobbled up by everyone, who for the most part don’t even realize they’re eating plant based food.


Johnny Be Goode

For those of you have been wondering. Johnny has settled in nicely. He is still a puppy and he has a lot of bad habits after growing up on the streets, but he’s a sweet, loving dog and he gets along with the pack just fine for the most part (except when he jumps on them in his exuberance). And we do have to watch out for our noses.


And finally, because nothing makes me smile more than watching my grandson play, I’m sharing this video so that you can smile too.

How was your weekend? Any events, great restaurants, or family time?

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Family Time! Plus a Workout Recap

Family Time

My sister Lisa was visiting from Texas this weekend. For a sad reason actually. The father of a friend of hers had passed away, so she was here to support her friend and attend his memorial service on Saturday.

On Sunday we gathered our family together and met for lunch at about the halfway point, in Temecula. I got to choose the restaurant, so I chose the Earth Bistro, which I knew had options for everybody.

Alan and I left the house about 10:30 for what should be an hour and a half drive, but halfway to the freeway we realized that high winds were kicking up some serious sandstorms. My new car is still perfect and I did not want to get sandblasted, so we decided to go the longer route, through the mountains. That wouldn’t have been too bad, but we seemed to get stuck behind the slowest drivers on earth, all of whom ignored the “slower traffic use turnouts” signs. Sigh.

But everything was good when we finally arrived. I was so excited that in addition to my sister, who I haven’t seen in over a year, both my sons, my daughter-in-law, my youngest son’s girlfriend, my niece, her boyfriend and his son, and of course SAMUEL, were all there. We were quite a crew.


Here we all are!


Samuel, his beautiful mom, Sarah, and my oldest son, Nathan.

My Boys

I just love this picture of my boys.


He’s a handful!


A candid shot, so it’s not the best. That’s my niece Brynne on Alan’s left, her boyfriend Eric and his son in between them.


I took on the chore of chasing Samuel when he got tired of sitting still. Tough job but someone’s got to do it.

Samuel is really walking now. I saw him just two weeks ago, and he was working his way there, but what a difference 14 days makes! There’s no stopping him now!

He even says a few words now too.


Of course the Earth Bistro has some great vegan options, including this pizza. Alan had a veggie burger, and we had some great appetizers including stuffed grape leaves, flat bread with hummus and a couple other dips, and roasted potatoes.

All in all a great family day. Hopefully a year won’t go by before I see my sister again.

The Week in Marathon Training

I was pretty happy with my marathon training this week too. After my great cutback run last weekend, I increased the distance this week, so my long run was 16 miles, which I ran on Saturday. For the first time Alan and I got our schedules straight, so we ran about half of the run together. I’m a little ahead of him in distance though, so we said goodbye at his halfway point. It was still good, even though the last couple miles were challenging.

I also managed a tempo run, even though I would have preferred it to be a little longer. I ran 2.5 miles at half marathon pace.

On Sunday, we took the dogs out for our recovery run. This was a bit of a challenge for me, since I’ve been doing my long runs on Sunday, then taking Monday off. Taking a run the next day, slow as it was, was tough. The dogs loved it though.


Running makes Penny smile. Penny makes me smile.


Buddy wanted a little Cytomax boost.


The drinking fountain wasn’t working, so Alan worked on it. I guess that is working now.


We bumped into our friend Dottie, who’s running Boston in a few weeks. Alan, who’s run it twice gave her a few course tips.

So I’m pleased with my running, though I really want to get my weekly mileage up a bit. I’m still averaging around 25 miles a week, and I’d like to get it up to around 35. I’ll work on that in the coming weeks, probably using Wednesday as a second longest run day, and trying to get a little speed work on Tuesday.

First though, I need to get through the upcoming week and Ragnar! It starts Friday and I’m feeling pretty excited and nervous.

I’m also starting my #SpringintoYoga Challenge on Tuesday! It is my way to get back into a regular yoga practice, and requires a minimum of 10 minutes a day in April. You should join me! The details are here.

How was your weekend? Any great family events or training you’d like to share? Have you ever done a Ragnar race? What would be the number one tip you’d share? Want to join me in a yoga challenge? I could use a little more inspiration :-).

What I’m Eating: A Week of Vegan Food

In all my years of blogging about vegan food, creating and sharing recipes, writing restaurant reviews, I have never participated in any kind of a What I Ate Wednesday link up or written any thing like Lindsey’s Weekly Eats posts. And as those of who you read my blog, and my history of “series failures” know, it may be a while before you see another post like this. But, as I sat down to write today, I just kept thinking about all the awesome vegan food that I’ve eaten in the last week and I felt like I wanted to share.

I made the most delicious tofu scramble the other day. I’ve written (frequently) about my love of tofu scrambles, and I’ve posted several recipes (here and here). This time I winged it, keeping it very simple and it turned out great.

week of food

In a nutshell: One block of firm tofu, drained. Break it up with a fork (so that it looks like scrambled eggs). Add 1/2 teaspoon turmeric, 1/2 teaspoon cumin, 1/2 teaspoon celery salt, 1 teaspoon garlic powder, and a little pepper. Adjust to your taste. Chop up 1/2 onion, 1/4 yellow or orange pepper, 1 potato, and 1 or 2 Serrano or jalapeno chiles. Cook in a little olive oil over medium heat, until the onion is soft and the potatoes are slightly browned. Stir in the tofu mixture and cook, stirring frequently until the tofu is heated through. Reduce heat and cover. Cook over low heat until the potatoes are cooked. Add a little vegan cheese and re-cover until the cheese is melted. Serve with tortillas, avocado, salsa, etc.

Vegan food

Last night I made tempeh burgers. Nothing especially fancy or different about them but they were very good. I served them with baked potato and zucchini fries.

vegan food

My variations on my shawarma recipes are always a hit in our household. This week I made it with seitan, served with quinoa, hummus, and pita breads.

vegan food

I also discovered Nuttzo! I’ve been using heart healthy Nuttzo all week instead of my regular peanut butter. All the nuts and seeds used in Nuttzo are organic, there are no added sugars, and two tablespoons of the healthy fat in Nuttzo provide 50% of the daily allowance of Omega 3 ALAs. I am pretty boring with my breakfast food, but I’ve used Nuttzo in protein shakes, slathered it on bananas and on my morning toast or muffins all week.

vegan food

I’ve already written about the restaurants where I ate last weekend, so I’ll skip the review and just give you the food porn.

We took out food from Native Foods in Encinitas:

vegan food

vegan food

We had lunch at Earth Bistro in Temecula:

Earth Bistro

vegan food

And breakfast at the Lotus Cafe and Juice Bar:

vegan food

vegan food

What kind of delicious food have you eaten in the last week? Dish! (haha, see the pun?)

Disclosure: I was given a jar of Nuttzo to try and review. All opinions are my own.

On the Road: Vegan Dining in Temecula and Encinitas

As I mentioned in my Weekly Training Recap post, our drive to the coast was quite an experience. Under normal circumstances, when Alan and I drive to the San Diego area, we take the “scenic” route, which takes us through the Santa Rosa mountains, then heads down into Temecula where we jump on the freeway for the rest of the drive. This weekend, though, because of the strange, cold, and rainy weather, we took a not-so-scenic route, which heads west on the freeway, then takes us through Hemet (which sometimes smells like the dairy capital of California), continuing to Temecula, where we follow the rest of the route above.

As soon as we left La Quinta at about 12:30 on Friday, we ran into some weather. The wind was cold and gusting out of the west as we drove on the freeway. The wind also brought in some showers, and I felt bad for the cyclists planning to ride in the Tour de Palm Springs the following day. As it turns out, the riding weather was not too bad, but very cold, but it must have given out-of-towners a scare as they drove into town on Friday night.

We arrived in the Banning and Beaumont area about an hour outside of the desert. Although the elevation is around 2,500 feet, Banning and Beaumont generally have comfortable weather, just slightly cooler than my desert heat. So we were surprised to see snow on the ground as we drove through the towns. It was even falling lightly as we drove (though my cousin in Canada laughs that we call that little bit of white fluff “snow”).

vegan dining

As we continued on through Hemet, the light snow turned to heavy rain along with a little hail. It was really kind of strange. It would pour for several minutes, then stop completely, then pour, then stop. And so on. We decided to stop in Temecula for lunch.

We do that frequently now on our drives to San Diego because we recently discovered Earth Bistro. While not a completely vegetarian or vegan restaurant, they specialize in whole, organic food, and have vegan options clearly marked on their menu. And their servers “get it,” which makes ordering so much easier.

Earth Bistro

Alan likes the “create your burger” option. He starts with a vegan patty and a whole wheat bun and adds a variety of goodies, including red onion and avocado. I usually order the Portobello burger, but the last time I was there I tried the Flatbread with Dippers appetizer. It was so good, but it was too big, so I brought home the leftovers. I came home from work the next day, mouth watering thinking about my flatbreads, took them out of the fridge, when Alan called me to help him do something (I can’t remember what). When I came back, my dogs were sitting there with guilty but satisfied looks, my flatbreads had disappeared, and I was sad. So that was a long story to tell you that I ordered the Flatbreads with Dippers for my lunch.

vegan dining earth bistro

Amazingly, after driving in wind, rain, hail, and snow, we finally arrived in Encinitas in time for a beautiful sunset.  We made a quick stop at Moonlight Beach to enjoy the sunset, then headed over to check into our hotel.

Vegan dining

I was really excited about going to dinner because Native Foods has finally opened in Encinitas. I have written many times about Native Foods, I’ve celebrated there, enjoyed the grand re-opening of the Palm Springs location, mourned the loss of the Palm Desert site, visited other So Cal locations. The opening in Encinitas was delayed several times, but they finally opened at the end of January. I was so in!

As the only vegan restaurant in Encinitas, I suspected they would be busy, and I was right. It is quite large, about three or four times as big as the Palm Springs location. As in all Native Food, you order at the counter, then they deliver your food to your table. The problem was that all the tables were full, so people who had ordered were waiting around to snag a table as soon as someone else finished. Alan and I quickly made a decision to take our food back to the hotel.

vegan dining Native Foods

vegan dining Native Foods

I realize my tendency to stay with the program and order my two or three favorites all the time (that would be the Gyro Bowl, Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger, and my new fave, the Bistro Steak Sandwich. So, just to keep it fresh and exciting, I ordered the Native Reuben. Even before I gave up meat I had never eaten a Reuben sandwich. Corned beef? Nope! Sauerkraut? Definitely nope. But, the Native Foods fans on Facebook have been whining about this sandwich when the took it off the menu singing the praises of the Native Reuben for so long, I decided to give it a try.

vegan dining Native Foods

It was…good. I guess there was a reason I never ate a Reuben when I was eating meat. Don’t get me wrong. It was fresh and tasty, the marble rye was yummy, the sauce was very good. If you like a Reuben, you’ll love this cruelty free version.

Alan had the Baja Blackened Tacos, but he was too fast and the picture came out all blurry. He liked them, but says that his old favorite, Tijuana Tacos, were better. We also had dessert. Cranberry Orange Cake and Homemade Apple Pie. Both were excellent.

vegan dining Native Foods

vegan dining Native Foods

Saturday morning after our run, Alan and I showered, checked out, and headed out to accomplish our primary mission for the weekend, picking up my Aunt’s ashes in Chula Vista. We needed some fuel to go forward, though. I had eaten a bagel from the continental breakfast at the hotel, so I wasn’t super hungry. I thought a smoothie sounded pretty good, so we headed to the Lotus Cafe and Juice Bar, which not only has a wide variety of smoothies, also has many vegan options on their menu. When I read that their smoothies contained only fruit and fruit juice, I thought that we needed just a little more calories and protein.

I’ve been to the Lotus Cafe many times, but this was the first time that I realized that they had tofu scrambles! I guess we usually come for lunch. Anyway, Alan and I each ordered a smoothie and decided to share a tofu scramble burrito.

vegan dining Native Foods

vegan dining Native Foods

This was one of the best dishes I’ve had from the Lotus Cafe. Of course, I love a tofu scramble under any conditions, but this one was well seasoned, spicy, and hot. And the smoothie was really good too.

From breakfast, Alan and I went on to take care of business, then stopped at my son’s house for a visit with Samuel. Best part of the weekend!

vegan dining

When we finally headed toward home on Saturday afternoon, we found that the weather had changed substantially. No more rain or snow, very little wind. It was still pretty cold, so I was happy that I did not do the Tour de Palm Springs ride. At least no one out get blown off their bikes. Still beautiful, no longer dangerous.

Vegan dining

I kind of feel bad talking about cold weather when so many of you had to live through a blizzard last weekend. I hope that everyone is safe, dry and warm. Were you able to get any fun into your weekend?

It Wasn’t All Bad: The Good Part of the Weekend

As you know, I spent last weekend in San Diego while my sister Lisa and I took care of arrangements for my aunt. While it was sad and stressful, I will say that it wasn’t all bad. Here are some of the good parts of the weekend.

When Alan and I spent the previous weekend in San Diego, we stayed at a hotel. I didn’t want to do that again, and I was husband-less this time, so I asked my son if I could stay and sleep on his couch. You know that that means!


Grandson Time!

I spent two nights, so I got to spend some quality time with Samuel. This was my second weekend visiting in a row, so he was really responding to my voice and face. He is smiling regularly now and seems like he’s almost ready to burst into laughter. Time goes fast, and children grow even faster I think. He’ll be eight weeks old by the time you read this!

weekend Weekend


#1 Giants fan. “What do you mean Barry Bonds won’t go to the Hall of Fame?”


The previous weekend, when we were trying to get my aunt’s things moved into storage, I didn’t eat right, sleep well, or do any running at all. I was so stressed out  and I’m sure that no exercise had a lot to do with it. I was determined not to let that happen again. I made sure to pack running gear for two days, plus I took a short run before I left for San Diego on Friday morning. My original plan was to run from my son’s house, but when I found out that my brother-in-law, Bill, would be in town, I made a running date with him. So early Saturday morning he picked me up and we drove to Mission Beach, where we met up with a friend of his for a run along the coast.


Bill and his friend, Miles, were both in the Marines, in Iraq together. They are both younger than I (Miles by about 20+years!). So I was happy that I was able to keep up with them on the run, even though I know that they slowed down considerably for me. We ran six miles, I averaged about nine minutes per mile, and I held on until the last mile when the boys started getting faster and faster. Still, I was pleased with the run. I feel like it gives me a starting point for what I can run right now when I push myself and I can incorporate that into my half marathon training plan (the one I have yet to create!).


Sunday, Bill picked me up again and we headed back to the same place. He wanted to run longer, but I decided to stick with six miles, that being the longest I’ve run for a while. After the first mile, Bill ran his own pace, as did I, falling back into sluggish recovery mode.  I finished first, thank goodness, while Bill ran 11 miles at a pretty good pace and finished 30 minutes or so after I did. It was such a gorgeous day, I just enjoyed the beautiful weather while I waited.



I give you January in San Diego.


Eating was something else I skimped on the previous weekend. Not this time. As I pulled into town (after a quick stop at Road Runner Sports), I decided to check out Evolution Fast Food, a vegan restaurant downtown. Their concept is a drive-thru burger joint that is 100% free of animal products! I have actually tried a few of the items that they send out to supermarkets like Whole Foods and Clark’s Nutrition Center, and I was looking forward to visiting the actual restaurant. Interestingly, when I plugged the address into my GPS, the directions it gave me were the same as if I was heading to my Aunt Lois’ apartment! Turns out, she lived only a mile away.


I ordered the South of the Border Burger, with their made-in-house bean patty. And fries, of course. It was very good. They have a little patio area in back if you choose to eat at the restaurant.


There is also a Whole Foods near Lois’ apartment, so I stocked up with some prepared food to bring with me to my son’s house. Oh, and a bottle of wine, too. Believe it or not, I didn’t take pictures of any of that.

Saturday night we all went out to dinner. My son, Nathan, and my daughter-in-law, Sarah, who both follow Paleo diets, me, the vegan, my brother-in-law, Bill, who ordered gluten-free, and my sister, Lisa, who just ate like a normal person. We chose to go to Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza, which has options for all of us. Sarah and I shared a vegan, vegetable pizza with a gluten-free crust. It was really very good.


On Sunday, after Lisa and I spent hours going through my aunt’s possessions, I realized as I started the two hour drive home that I had not eaten since breakfast (very unusual for me since I usually hit a sugar low long before I’m actually hungry). I decided to wait until I got to Temecula, where there is a little restaurant called the Earth Bistro that specializes in fresh, organic food, and has several vegan items on the menu. I was so hungry that my eyes were bigger than my stomach, and I order a hummus and flatbread platter for an appetizer, and a portobello burger for my entree. Both were excellent.



Yes, I was so hungry I couldn’t wait to take a picture.


And finally, the best part of the weekend was the time I was able to spend with my family. I missed Alan of course, but to be with my sister and Bill, who live in Texas,  was wonderful. Also it was fun to stay with Nathan and Sarah and I always treasure the time I spend with them.


Sorry for the picture quality, taken in a dark restaurant.



And of course, Samuel, who doesn’t have a restaurant photo because he slept the entire time we were there! But I’m sure I can dig up at least one other picture! 😉 .


Knowing that I would be gone for three days, I brought my “good” computer (as opposed to my slow-poke netbook), fully intending to get some writing done. I did not turn it on once. I don’t regret that at all (though it led to some serious catching up on Monday). The good part of the weekend was really, really good.

It’s hard to beat San Diego (or La Quinta) weather right now. How is the weather in your neck of the woods? What was the best thing that you ate last weekend (yes, I know it’s Thursday, but I’m sure you can remember)?

Beyond Grandma: Weekend in San Diego

Saturday Dinner: Vegan Challenged

So, believe it or not, Alan and I went beyond the grandma and grandpa thing last weekend. We booked our hotel in Encinitas, our favorite place to stay near San Diego, which is about a 20-30 minute drive from my son’s house. While we wanted to see Samuel more than anything, we also enjoy being near the beach, taking our opportunity to relax.

Coming home from our first visit with the family, the streets were still closed along the Coast Highway in Encinitas for their holiday parade, so Alan and I parked the car and we walked the half mile or so to El Callejon our choice for dinner.  While I find the lack of vegan and/or vegetarian restaurants in San Diego amazing, many places do offer a variety of animal free choices. We’ve been to many through the years, including the Roxy, the Lotus Café, and Ki’s. I knew that El Callejon had a vegetarian menu, but since it had been a few years since my last meal there I couldn’t remember if they had many vegan options. But, they were closest walking distance to the hotel, so we decided to give them a shot.

Unfortunately, their vegetarian menu depended heavily on cheese and sour cream. I read it through several times before I came to the conclusion that there was nothing for me to eat. Instead, I ordered a side of rice, beans, and tortillas, telling our server that it was important that they came without cheese. We also ordered a side of guacamole to eat with our chips. What was it covered with? Cheese, of course. The guacamole! I was able to spoon off the cheese and eat it anyway, but seriously…

I didn’t take any pictures, because frankly, the food wasn’t worth it. The rice and beans were tasty, to be sure, but still. It was rice and beans, the only vegan choice in the restaurant.

Sunday Morning Run Along the San Diego Coast

The next morning I enjoyed the rare pleasure of sleeping in (which for me is about 6 am). I vaguely remember Alan leaving to get coffee, but when I woke up again, he was walking in the door with a triple mocha just for me.

After taking a short drive to check out the waves (they were quite high, a surf advisory for the weekend), we headed out for a five mile run. I love running along the coast. It is so beautiful.

San Diego

San Diego

San Diego

 Vegan Food on the Road in San Diego

After the run we cleaned and packed up, planning to have breakfast then head back to Sarah and Nathan’s to get some more grandson time. This time we made the smart choice and had breakfast (brunch really, it was about 11:30) at Ki’s. I’ve had their tofu scramble before, but for some reason it seemed tastier than ever before. It had a great flavor and though I did add a little tabasco, that is because I like my food spicier than most.

san diego

I also added tabasco to my virgin Bloody Mary. I told the bartender “everything but the vodka,” and he followed my directions. It was very good, especially when I added a little more spice.

San Diego

After breakfast, we headed over to the kids’ house and spent some quality grandparent time with Samuel. We left about 3:00, needing lunch and with a long drive home ahead of us. We stopped in Temecula, about halfway home, at the Earth Bistro, a new (to us) organic restaurant, that, while they serve meat, also has a nice selection of vegan items on the menu. We both had the vegan burger with garlic roasted potatoes.

San Diego

San Diego We enjoyed what turned out to be our dinner. The Earth Bistro was a great find and we will go back.

Well fed and tired, we still made a quick stop at the Cabazon Outlet Stores, which are about 30 miles from home. Our usual plan is to park at the far end of the shops, hike over to the Nike store, then backtrack to the Adidas store, and usually checking out Under Armour, Reebok, and Oakley. Since it was late though, we settled for Nike and Adidas. I bought some socks. Such a shopper.

All in all a nice weekend in the San Diego area. The weather was lovely, by the way, though we ran into a light rain on the drive home. That’s why I love living in Southern California!

How was your weekend? Any running, eating, or family adventures you’d like to share?