7 Things You May Not Know About Me.


This post is sponsored by prAna and Fit Approach. All opinions (and all seven facts about me) are my own. Last week,  I completed the #7daystretch with prAna and Sweat Pink and could not be more proud. In spite of the curve balls that life tried to throw at me, including the birth of my granddaughter, […]

Fall is in the Air: The prAna Fall Collection


This post is sponsored by prAna and Fit Approach. All opinions are my own. As I write this, I am in Tempe, Arizona after day one of my five day long Fascial Stretch Therapist Certification course. All the studying and reading that I have done did little to prepare me for this life-changing method of […]

From Work to Gym with aLign Bag. Giveaway and a Workout!

Align Giveaway

One of the really cool things about Blogfest and IDEA World is the Expo. It’s one of the largest fitness expos in the world and it’s loaded with vendors of everything from fitness clothing to protein powder, from top of the line fitness equipment to the newest group exercise classes. It’s so much fun to wander […]

Vegan Zucchini Apple Bread. Gluten Free

Zucchini Bread_10

Since I discovered aquafaba I’ve been a baking fiend. (Forget what aquafaba is? It’s basically bean juice. What you usually drain out of the can when you open a can of beans. Come to find out it makes an amazing replacement for eggs in baked goods and can even be whipped up into meringues!) Well, […]

Poise, LBL, and DIY.

Poise new 3

You know I’m kidding, right? About the Do it Yourself part, anyway. DIY and I are not usually mentioned in the same sentence. But, Poise has challenged me to be a little creative and do something DIY-ish with period pads. What’s that you say? Yes, the Poise #RecycleYourPeriodPad campaign is all about teaching women that […]

Going Solar: Answers to Your Questions


Well, it’s finally hit. Summertime in the desert hit us full force this weekend. Fortunately, I was in Ventura for the weekend, but we’re home now and the weather is sizzling. The forecast for today is a high of 107, climbing up to 115 by Thursday(!). As I write this, just before 1:00, it’s already […]