Living, Playing, Breathing with prAna

prana 7Taking the Leap with prAna

I have had the great pleasure of working with prAna and Fit Approach for the last month to participate in and promote the Take the Leap 30 Days of Yoga Challenge.

Day 5

I guess you’d call that a disclosure, but it is also a statement of fact. The Take the Leap challenge was such an amazing experience, both on a personal and fitness level, because it brought me back to yoga, but also on a social level, because I had the opportunity to connect with the many other participants in the challenge.

Because of the challenge, I not only practiced yoga more frequently, I discovered that “practicing yoga” did not have to be a 90 minute power yoga class, or even any kind of a structured class (even though those are awesome!). I could spend 10 minutes warming up for a run, stretching afterward, or spend some time relaxing before bedtime, and it was yoga. You do have to have intention when you practice like this, but done correctly, yes, it is yoga.

Click here for tips for fitting in yoga on a busy schedule.

I also learned that my form is not as good as I thought. Seriously, as a personal trainer, I feel that I have pretty good body awareness and proprioception. My yoga studio does not have any mirrors, so I assumed that I looked like I felt, whether it was a fierce warrior or a joyful camel (my new favorite pose).

I found out, with my daily yoga selfies, that this was not necessarily the case. Yes, my form was pretty good, but I never looked as deep, fierce, or intent as I felt in a pose. Fortunately, I probably won’t be photographing all my yoga practices in the future!

prana 1

PrAna sent me the outfit you see above. There is something about beautiful fitness clothing that inspires me. It makes me want to move, to breath, to enjoy the process of exercise. And this outfit is particularly inspiring. The top is the Meadow Top, in Viola Magnolia. I even love the name of the color! It has a built in shelf bra and a soft, drapy fit that allow freedom of movement in comfort, with a stretchy band at the bottom which keeps it in place during yoga practice.

prana 2The pants are the Tori Capri in neon orange. They are made of a soft performance knit and are comfortable and stay in place.  I love the detail in the hem.

prana 4Sustainability

To me, yoga is about more than getting a great workout. It is a lifestyle of sustainability, kindness, and focus. PrAna is a Sanskrit word that means breath, life, and vitality of the spirit, and prAna has taken this meaning to heart because it helps guide their actions towards becoming an evermore socially mindful and environmentally sustainable organization.

PrAna’s approach to sustainability is three pronged and focuses on: 1) The materials to make their products, 2) Materials and energy to service the business, and 3) People and working conditions. You can read more about prAna’s commitment to sustainability here.

prana 5bluesign

Headquartered in Switzerland, bluesign is a worldwide standard that is applied to production chains to measure the safety and sustainability of raw materials used by chemical and manufacturing companies. PrAna is a bluesign partner and works to implement bluesign standards in their supply chain.

prana 6

Save 15% at prAna!

Be sure to check out the new Early Spring Collection where will you will find both active and lifestyle clothing for men and women that will fit not only into your yoga practice, but into your life. You can save 15% on your purchase by using this code at checkout: psps15LFL.


Most of the photos above were taken my my husband in the trail system area about one mile from my home. Aren’t I lucky (both for the beautiful neighborhood and the husband who actually enjoyed the photo shoot)?


Alan, my photographer, showing me the shot that he wanted.

Did you participate in the Take the Leap challenge? Do you practice yoga regularly or try to fit it into your workout schedule? Where is your favorite place to work out?

My Busy Life. Getting a Boost from Pure Earth Juice

This post is sponsored by Del Monte and Pure Earth Juice. All opinions are my own.

I kind of touched on this a few days ago, but now that my personal training schedule is starting to fill up, life is becoming really hectic. I’m in the middle of marathon training, and the schedule that I planned out a few weeks ago is getting harder to keep up with because I keep scheduling clients earlier and earlier. Something has to give, and I’m not going to let it be my running.

Instead I have been taking my breakfast on the road several times a week to save time in my morning routine. I’ll make a smoothie if I have time, but even that sometimes is difficult. This morning as I took off for work I grabbed a banana and my new juice obsession Del Monte Pure Earth Juice.

Del Monte 5

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Life at the Gym: Asics Gel-Fit Sana Review

I am one of those lucky people who get to spend more than half of their life at the gym. I work there. I work out there. I teach classes, I go to classes, I…well, you get the idea. I’m at the gym a lot, and I’m on my feet a lot.

Asics Gel Sana 6For years I wore my retired running shoes. Yes, I admit it. My old Kayanos took me a long way on the road, then a quick wash and they were off to work with me. I finally figured out though, that as much as I love them, old running shoes probably weren’t ideal for teaching classes, working out, and standing on my feet all day.

When I learned about the Asics Gel-Fit Sana I was happy to try out a shoe from a company that I have trusted for years to take care of my feet. The Gel-Fit Sana is designed to be light and flexible, and has an inner lining that supports the foot from heel to forefoot. And they are very good looking too.

Asics Gel Sana 1So good looking in fact that I’ve pretty much had them on my feet since the first day. From teaching a fitness class, to training clients at work, then off to lunch or to the market, they are fashionable and comfortable.

When I first slid my feet into the Asics Gel-Fit Sana I let out an audible sigh. Yes, they are that comfortable. Thanks to the inner lining, they fit like a glove. So light and flexible that you can almost forget you’re wearing shoes. Like barefoot with benefits.

Asics Gel Sana 7Because I spend so much time on my feet, I really need a shoe that will cushion and support my feet, and the Gel-Fit Sana does that. At the end of the day, instead of needing to rip off my shoes as soon as I get home, I’ve actually been keeping them on, just because my feet feel so good. And that is quite an accomplishment.

While comfortable is great, since I am using the Gel-Fit Sana while teaching group exercise classes, it is really important that I have a shoe that will keep my feet healthy and cool while I’m working hard. I don’t teach high impact classes, but I can still feel how the cushioning in the heel helps absorb the shock, and the mesh upper is breathable, so my feet don’t get sweaty and overheat.

Asics Gel Sana 2The sizing seems accurate, or at least what I wear in my running shoes. And Asics realizes that women’s feet don’t stop growing in half sizes once we get over size 10 (size 11.5 and proud here!). While they have a glove-like fit, my feet don’t feel constricted in anyway, and instead feel supported and secure.

The MSRP is $80 and the Asics Gel-Fit Sana is available in a variety of pretty colors.

Asics Gel Sana 14Hmm, I’m trying to pick my next pair! It’s difficult.

I really like the Asics Gel-Fit Sana. It is the perfect shoe for me.

Do you wear one type of shoe to do everything? Or do you have specific shoes for each sport or activity? What color of Gel-Fit Sana to you like best?


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of ASICS.

My Stinky Life (Thank Goodness for ShowerPill!) Plus Stocking Stuffers for Athletes

This post is sponsored by ShowerPill through my association with Fit Approach as a Sweat Pink Ambassador.


This is my stinky life (we’re talking literally here)

I run. Then I go to yoga.

Shower Pill5

A quick clean up between my six mile run and my 90 minute yoga class.

I teach group exercise. Then I work as a personal trainer. If I have an open hour, I will work out myself. Then I’ll go back to work.

Shower Pill 2

My workday essentials: My iPad, my banana, and my ShowerPill.

I’ve also been know to do that crazy thing called a Ragnar Relay.

And sometimes I do all of these things in one day. Far too often, I go from one to the other with no time for a shower in between.

Shower Pill 3

That is when I say thank goodness for ShowerPill. As do all the other people in my vicinity.

ShowerPill is a large, anti-bacterial wipe designed to keep you clean while on the go. Perfect! It is large and thick, more like a washcloth than a towelette, and it smells really good. One ShowerPill is big and moist enough to clean your entire body (just flip and fold as you go).

Not only does ShowerPill smell and feel good, it is anti-bacterial and kills 99.9% of germs, including staph, has vitamin E and aloe vera so it’s good for your skin, dries quickly, and contains no alcohol or parabens.

In case you’re wondering why an athletic wipe is called a “Pill,” there is actually a story behind it. The ShowerPill was created by three college football teammates, who, as students, were always going from practice, to class, to weightlifting, to practice, etc., without always having time to shower in between each activity. They wanted to design something that would keep them fresh, and, when they found out about the risk of athletes acquiring MRSA and other staph infections, decided to create a wipe that would kill 99.9% of all germs on the body, have moisturizing ingredients, and be easy to transport. The name “Shower Pill” actually came from an old inside joke among athletes wishing that they had a pill to instantly clean their body. Well, now they do.

If you’d like to try ShowerPill yourself, you can save 20% when you use purchase two boxes and use the code holiday20. You can order here.

Shower Pill 6

Stocking Stuffers for Athletes

When I was a kid, my mom always had our stockings filled about a week before Christmas. I’m not sure why, maybe she just tossed something in there when she had a chance, but by Christmas day our stockings were full. My mom’s idea of a great stocking stuffer? Think socks and underwear, lip balm, deodorant, and other fun things that you can purchase in the travel aisle at the drugstore.

While I’ve laughed over the years at that, I have followed in my mother’s footsteps. My kids were likely to find useful things like a new toothbrush, flashlights, or skin lotion. And socks. Lots of socks.

In keeping with that tradition, the following stocking stuffer ideas may not be flashy, but they will certainly be useful.

1. ShowerPill: So useful, a box of 10 ShowerPill Athletic Wipes will be appreciated by any athlete.

Shower Pill

2. A Headlamp Flashlight: Whether your athlete is doing a relay race or setting up their triathlon transition area before the race, handsfree lighting is essential.

3. Compression Socks: Useful for recovery for any sport. Sleeves are useful as well. There are many brands (and many colors and designs) to choose from. I like PRO Compression. If you order these Snowflake Socks you can save 40% and get free shipping with the code SNOW. ***Edited 12/15*** I just got an email from Pro Compression. You can save 42% on everything, yes, everything through December 19, 2014, with the code 2014. And the shipping is still free! Now, go!!! (I’m not sure if you need that link or not, so be sure to click the word “go.” It’s not my affiliate link, it’s the one from the email.)

Pro Compression

4. Goggle Defogger: What every swimmer needs and frequently forgets.

5. Tire Changing Kit: Every cyclist needs to know how to fix and change a tire. A tire changing kit can be priceless when you have a flat out on the road alone.

6. Race Entry: A little more expensive than most of my stocking stuffers, but if you have a runner in the family, this is a great gift.

7. Gym or Yoga Membership: This is like giving a healthy lifestyle in a stocking. Yes, more expensive, but even a month or two to get started will be appreciated. For the yogi in your life, another option to a yoga studio are online classes. Two choices are and Yoga 30 (where you can work out with my favorite in-real-life instructor!).


8. Gift Cards: Gift cards make great stocking stuffers. Whether your athlete is a coffee drinker, a big eater, or loves music, you can find the perfect card at a price that works for you.

There are a couple of affiliate links in the above suggestions, but all of these are things that I would like to see in my own stocking, except the defogger…so NOT a swimmer.

What would you like to find in your stocking? Do you move from activity to activity without a break? Have you tried ShowerPill?

Be a Gracious Guest with this Hostess Gift Guide

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Boombox Network. The opinions and text are all my own.

If you’re like me, the next month will be filled with parties, dinners, weekends, and other events to celebrate the holidays. It started last week, when I attended two separate Thanksgiving dinners (on different evenings, thank goodness!) I always try to be a gracious guest when I’m invited into someone’s home, but sometimes I struggle to find a unique gift with which to thank my hostess. While a bottle of wine is nice, I’ve been to parties where the hostess ended up with a half dozen bottles lined up on the counter. I strive for originality, so I love this Holiday Hostess gift guide, which is filled with distinctive and creative ideas that your hostess will adore.


  1. Flirty Aprons – An apron (especially a pretty one like this one) is a gift that you know will come in handy over the busy holiday season. Order your apron & see the other choices here.
  2. Decade candy box – Bring your host or hostess back to their childhood by choosing a Thank You box with candy from the decade of your choice. Perhaps they’ll share so that you can reminisce together. Choose your decade here.
  3. Covered cheese dish – An adorable white porcelain cheese dish that can come out every time your hostess entertains. Buy it here.
  4. Sugar scrub tower – A beautiful assortment of 6 different sugar scrubs for the hostess to pamper herself once all the guests have left. Find this gift idea by Lalicious here.
  5. Gilded trophy bowl – Very simply, a beautiful and elegant vessel to place anywhere in the home and use as wished. Find it here, along with other fab gift ideas from Pure Home.
  6. Glass cocktail shaker – Cocktail season is upon us. You want your hosts to be ready! Add a bottle of hooch and mixers if you wish to go all out. Buy the cocktail shaker here.
  7. Reclaimed soda bottle glasses – For your stylin’ eco-conscious hosts, they will be sure to enjoy these glasses made from real glass soda bottles. Find the reclaimed glasses here.
  8. Salt & pepper cellars – A wonderful and pretty hostess gift that will certainly make its way on to the next dinner table. Buy here.
  9. Cashmere throw – If you’re a house guest for a few days, a luxurious gift that the host might not buy themselves will fit the bill. Like this cashmere throw. Cozy too. See it here.
  10. Custom serving platter – Personalized gifts are the best. They demonstrate that you went the extra step and put some thought into the gift. Like this platter with the host’s family’s last name (or other inscription). Order it here.
  11. Re-wined candles – A clever way to reclaim old wine bottles: as jar vessels filled with natural soy wax that has been carefully blended with aromas of white grape, honey, freshly baked bread and a spritz of citrus. Buy it here.
  12. Taste Trunk’s monthly foodie subscription – Chances are that if your hosts invited you for dinner, they like to cook. In which case, they will really appreciate a single or even a monthly subscription to Taste Trunk, a box subscription service for foodies. Find out more.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Boombox Network . The opinions and text are all mine.

Can Clothing Inspire Fitness? prAna Early Winter Collection

This post is sponsored by prAna in partnership with FitApproach

Many years ago, when I first started exercising, there were no gyms in the desert (dark ages, I know!). I lived in Palm Springs at the time and there was, literally as far as I know, not a single gym or fitness center nearby. This was before I started running, so fitness videos became my exercise of choice.

I had them all..Kathy Smith, Kari Anderson, Gilad, Cathe Friedrich, even Jane Fonda. At a certain point, the longer, tougher, and more complicated the better. I was religious in my fitness efforts, up before dawn to fit in up to two hours of exercise before work.  Most mornings I would drag myself out of bed and dress myself in a colorful, fashionable, fitness ensemble and get to my workout. Yes, we’re talking leg warmers and thong leotards, but the point is, that was the fashion of the time so that is what I wore.

80s fashion

photo credit: deleted.scenes via photopin cc

The sensible thing, since I was working out in the privacy of my own home, would have been to not waste money on the latest fashion. A t-shirt and shorts would have done the trick, right?

My point, which I’ve taken a long time here to make is, that even when I first started working out, dressing the part inspired me to exercise.

That is why, when I heard about prAna, tried on the clothing that I received, learned more about the company and their mission, I was inspired to return to my yoga mat.

To me, yoga is about more than getting a great workout. It is a lifestyle of sustainability, kindness, and focus. PrAna is a Sanskrit word that means breath, life, and vitality of the spirit, and prAna has taken this meaning to heart because it helps guide their actions towards becoming an evermore socially mindful and environmentally sustainable organization.

PrAna’s approach to sustainability is three pronged and focuses on: 1) The materials to make their products, 2) Materials and energy to service the business, and 3) People and working conditions. You can read more about prAna’s commitment to sustainability here.



I’m wearing the Julz Hoodie top in red violet and the Olympia pant. I love that the top is made in the US from organic cotton and recycled materials. It is a light weight knit, so it’s perfect for cool mornings on the way to class. It is soft and comfortable, fitting nicely when pulled over a workout tank. I felt like a yogini when I wore this top.


Though I chose clothing for yoga (which means I wear it to class then everywhere else my day takes me), prAna is a lifestyle clothing company. The Early Winter Catalog features not only active wear, but beautiful sweaters, “regular” pants like jeans and cords, not to mention jackets, beanies and scarves.

As our thoughts turn toward the holidays and gift shopping looms, the prAna Early Winter Catalog has many options for men and women. Give the gift of beautiful clothing that is created with a conscience. Plus, you can save %15 percent on your entire purchase by using my coupon code pspf14lflq.  Here are a few of your choices:


Shelby Poncho


Kirsten Tunic & Milly Vest



Phoebe Top


Chrissa Top & Trinity Cord Pant

What is your favorite of the fashion’s above? Would you like to receive a gift of fitness fashion for the holidays? Don’t forget, if you’re going to shop, use my code to save!