>A Beautiful Day to Ride


> It felt so good to get out and ride this morning. Because of the cold weather and other wimpy excuses, my weekly before-work ride had become a distant memory. Helped by the 60 degree temps, I got out the door by 6:30 this morning. Perfect timing, because I got to see this:   And […]

>Super Staycation!


>I’ve been on vacation for the last week. Without any travel plans, my goals were to: 1) Relax 2) Get in some serious house cleaning time 3) Relax 4) Get in some serious cycling/running time 5) Relax. Now, I realize that items 1,3, & 5 may not mesh very well with items 2 and 4, […]

>Busy, Busy–From La Jolla to St. George


> As I frequently do this time of year, I have been neglecting this blog. As I have written (whined) about in the past, the months of January through April are extremely busy in the desert and in my business. I tend to work 10-12 hour days, and when I come home, instead of sitting […]

>Wildflowers and Kittens


>Wow! Spring is here! It was a beautiful day for a run. First we headed out, at about 6:00, to take a two mile jog with Penny and Sassy. They love to run, so it is a real treat for them. You would never question whether a dog can smile if you could see their […]

>June Century-Done!

>June Century-Done!

>On Saturday, my hubby and I headed to the coast to ride with a group of cyclists that I know through a bike forum on the internet. I had met and ridden with a few of them, but for the most part, my only acquaintance with them was through web postings. Not that it mattered. […]

>March Century Done…next!

>March Century Done...next!

>I was told by my company that I need to use up 16 hours PTO time (personal time off) before March 31. We have a “use it or lose it policy,” because they don’t want full time staff to carry over their time. Of course, in California, they can’t take those hours away from you, […]



> Miles, that is. 116.6 miles on my body this weekend. 103.5 on my bike on Saturday, riding the Tour de Palm Springs. 13.1 on my (very tired)legs and feet at the Palm Springs Half Marathon on Sunday. While I am pretty much exhausted tonight, I am also pleased that I completed my goal this […]

It’s Time

>I guess it’s time to finally start writing this blog. New month, new year and all that. Plus, I feel that I’m really on the road back to fitness and health… A little back story: After many eons of taking my health for granted, last summer I found out that I had to have a […]