…To the Lowest Lows. Goodbye Perfect Penny

Penny in Window

Well, this is a post I never wanted to write, even though deep down I knew it was inevitable someday. Just not yet. On Thursday, barely 24 hours after celebrating the birth of Emma Marie, Alan and I came home to find that our 14 year old Dalmatian, Penny, had died. I guess we shouldn’t […]

A Few WTF Moments and My Training Recap


I’m not sure if WTF moments is the right term, but a few things this week have given me pause. First though, if you’re a local or visitor to the Palm Springs area, don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a $150 gift certificate and a bottle of wine at Mitch’s on El Paseo! It’s […]



Alan and I said goodbye to our beloved 14 year old Australian Cattle Dog, Sydney,  on Monday morning. We knew the time was close, but as he was peaceful and not in pain, we allowed nature to take its course and he passed at home. Sydney came to us in 2000 as a six week […]

Meet the Pack, Part 2: The Little Dogs

Little Dogs

If you had asked me five years ago if I was a “little” or “big” dog person, I would definitely have said that I preferred big dogs. I love their more laid back personalities, the security of having a big dog at your side, and frankly, their lack of a yippy bark. All that changed […]

6 Things That Really Annoy Me.


I wanted to call this post Things That Piss Me Off, but I guess the nice girl in me came through at the last moment. I have been dealing with back spasms for the last two days, suffering through pain that would make me curl into a ball if that wouldn’t hurt even more. It’s […]

Death in the Family: A Sad Goodbye to Lois LaBonte

lois 001

I have sad news to report. My aunt, Lois LaBonte, died last week. After four months in the rehab center, where she had been since her fall in September, Lois has finally moved on to a better, happier place. I’d like to thank all of you who have offered your encouragement, support, and prayers. I […]