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Let me tell you a little something about my running clothes.

Coeur Sports

Most of them are pretty old. Because frankly, once we got away from the Dolfin look (you don’t need to click the link. Just imagine Richard Simmons in his red striped shorts), not a whole lot has changed in running shorts in the last 10 years or so. Right?

In any case, most of my running clothes, shorts in particular, have a few years on them. As do I. And one thing I’ve noticed is that those same shorts are not as comfortable as they used to be. I seem to deal with more chafing and bunching these days. That’s why my few running clothes purchases in the last few years have tended toward the spandex sort, with or without a skirt.

All that is fine, because comfort is certainly important when running long distances or racing. But I always enjoyed looking the part, so I kind of missed my short, speedy looking shorts.

Coeur Sports. Stylish Speed…from the Heart

I was excited when I got a chance to try out Coeur Sports clothing. The entire line is designed to be the best looking, best fitting, most functional and most comfortable women’s endurance sports clothing in the marketplace. Made specifically with women endurance athletes in mind, and with feedback from those athletes, that means the fabric is soft, there are pockets where you need them, the tops don’t ride up, all the little details that will allow you to focus on your training and racing.

Coeur is the French word for heart and the root of the word courage, and the folks at Coeur Sports get it that it is your heart that gets you to the finish line. In addition to their running clothes, they also design clothing for triathlon, swimming, and cycling, all with the same eye to form, function, and beauty. And the company shows its own heart too. One percent of sales goes to the Challenged Athlete Foundation.

Coeur Sports 2

I received the Chevron Running Shorts and tank. When I opened the package, the first thing I noticed was the fabric. It has a soft, brushed feel to it, but it is still very light. I love the wide waistband on the shorts as well as how the pattern continues up the back of the matching top.

When I tried on my outfit, I noticed that it fit beautifully and true to size. My one concern was that the shorts seemed very short. They looked good, but I was worried that chafing might be a problem because of the length.


I needn’t have worried. In the two runs in which I’ve worn them, these shorts did not ride up. At all. They stayed in place and were very comfortable. And I didn’t have any chafing issues! That is such a huge deal to me. It’s really true that these shorts are “designed to go the distance.” The two rear pockets are the perfect size and safely held my car key and a couple gels.

The top also fit very well, and as I said I love how the chevron pattern continued up the back. No chafing on my arms either!

Not only did my outfit fit well and look great, I was really excited to find out that all of the Coeur Sports clothing line has UV-50 protection. That’s one less thing to worry about whether you’re out on a long run, or competing in a triathlon. All items are anti-microbial too, and are produced in the United States.


All in all I’d say that if you looking for athletic clothing that has it all, design, functionality, beauty, and heart, give Coeur Sports a try.

What do you look for in your athletic clothing? What is the most important factor that helps you decide what to buy?

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    Ooooh those clothes look GOOD on you! I really like the style of the shorts and the design on the tank. When I look for fitness gear….well…actually….I don’t look for fitness gear anymore. I feel like I just wear what I get to review these days. A good problem to have. So…of the gear that I get to review…the ones I wear more frequently are the ones that have the best fit for my body type. If it’s too short in the arms, or too loose on the waist, or whatever…I don’t care how cute it is, I won’t wear it unless I haven’t done laundry in a while. The other thing I notice is I tend to wear the functional gear most often – the shorts with the extra pockets, for example.
    Running Hutch recently posted…Run Dumbs | The Mental Part of RunningMy Profile

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    Love the pieces you’re modeling. Especially that last picture! I almost can’t believe there are shorts out there that don’t ride up!
    Maureen recently posted…Body ImageMy Profile

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    Debbie! I love the looks of Coeur Sports and have been eyeing them for awhile so am loving your review. It sounds like this is a great brand with great functional clothes!
    Sandra Laflamme recently posted…Chafing. Ouch!My Profile

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