Janji Review plus some Favorites. And I Won…!

I Won!

No, I didn’t win a race (don’t ask!). I won a beautiful Half-Zip Performance top from Tribesports and Pavement Runner! And guess what? There are more prizes to win!

Pavement Runner is training to run back to back marathons at the San Francisco Marathon on July 27. That’s right, that two times 26.2, one right after the other. And he’s doing it (besides the fact that he does crazy things like that) to raise money and awareness for the SF SPCA (SF Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). You can enter to win too. All you need to do is make a small donation (or large, that’s okay too) here. But you’d better hurry! Today is the last day to enter (midnight on Friday)! Don’t despair though, the grand prize is really GRAND! It’s a BIA Multi-Sport Watch!

Janji Review – Run for Another

When the folks at Janji approached me about trying out and reviewing one of their running tops, I was excited. I had already heard of this small company whose tagline is Run for Another. Because you see, not only does Janji make colorful and pretty running clothes, they give back to the world. With each purchase of Janji running apparel, a portion of the proceeds go to organizations that are working to alleviate the worst problems related to food and water.

JanjiI received the Rwanda Woven Basket tee, a bright yellow, lightweight shirt decorated with a design inspired by Rwandan basket weaving. I really liked the color even though yellow is not usually a color that I wear very often. The shirt is very light, a cotton/polyester blend, and has a reflective logo on the back. While it isn’t really what I’d call a technical fabric, it seemed to stay dry when I wore it in our (currently) humid morning heat.

The best part though is, that with every purchase of the Rwanda Woven Basket tee, you give three days of nutritional medicine to a Malnourished child in Rwanda. The proceeds fund MANA’s Ready to Use Therapeutic Food, a peanut butter based nutritional medicine that can help cure a child of malnutrition in just 6 weeks.

In fact, each Janji collection both honors and benefits those in need around the world. The beautiful Peru collection with its designs of Machu Picchu and llamas, sends proceeds to help Peruvian’s access to pure, clean water. The Haiti collection, decorated with palm trees and the Haitian flag, fights malnutrition. And in this country,  proceeds from the purchase of the bright yellow United States collection go to fight hunger at home.

I am very happy to share Janji with you. They make pretty clothes and the proceeds go to great causes. It always feels good to run for another.

You can save 20% when you order from Janji with the discount code LAQUINTA!

Halo Belt

If you remember a few months ago I reviewed the Halo Belt. I loved it and even named it a Ragnar Relay Essential. Now I’m excited to announce that I am an affiliate advertiser for Halo Belt! You can order and save 10% if you order using my promo code: DEBBIE2014. I love the Halo Belt. It is comfortable and it really lights up the night. It’s great for running or cycling, and they even have a Halo Collar for dogs!


 A Few Favorite Posts

I haven’t done a Weekly Reader post in eons, and my Feedly has grown into the hundreds (and I’ve marked “all as read” a couple times too!). But I still read a lot of blogs each week and I’d like to share a couple of my favorites with you.

Amanda over at Run to the Finish has had a great series all week long about finding your best marathon training plan. From Hanson to Galloway, and a few in between, you will surely be able to find a great plan to get you to 26.2.

I get that people like the taste of bacon. I do too. I just don’t like the idea of killing a pig to enjoy it. Now there is no need because Ellen over at the Vegan American Princess has 6 Easy, Award Winning Fake Bacon Recipes!

What do you do when one of your favorite bloggers is going to take a break (besides crying a little?). I guess you have to savor the posts that she has written (and hope that she’ll change her mind). I totally understand, but boy, am I going to miss Charlotte.


A few little disclosures: I received a free top from Janji in exchange for my honest review. I am an affiliate for Halo Belt, which means if you order using my code (and save 10% while doing so), I also make a little money.

Did you have a favorite this week? Post, clothing, meal, doesn’t matter. I’d love to hear about it.

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