Inspired by Boston! Marathon Training and Other Stuff

It’s Boston Marathon Day! As a runner, it is always an exciting day, made even more special by the events of last year, as runners, spectators, and everyone involved come together to prove that we are too strong to be scared away by a few crazy monsters.

I’d like to send my best to all participants, in particular my “in real life” friends as well as my social media and blogging friends as they take up the challenge of the Boston Marathon. Those friends include Dottie, who, at 49 is an accomplished Ironman, with an 11:22 at Canada a few years ago, and who will be running her first Boston. There is also Marina, who at age 48 was the second oldest woman ever to qualify and run in the Olympic Trials in 2000. In Boston in 1994, she ran what was then her personal best 2:48:06. At age 62, she recently finished the Palm Springs Half Marathon in 1:40:58.

Good luck to Dottie, Marina, and to everyone who will be attacking Heartbreak Hill today!

Boston Inspired

Alan was wearing his Boston colors on our run today. He ran the marathon in 1992 as well as the 100th in 1996 (one week after we met for the first time!).

My plan for my long run on Sunday was to use Boston, the experience, the runners, the history, to inspire me to run a strong 18 miles. Did it work? Well…keep reading and find out.

Life Update

Life update sounds a little dramatic, especially considering nothing exceptionally exciting happened in my life during the week. Work, in spite of being on the downside of our busy season is still a little crazy.  I had a committee meeting on Tuesday, my direct boss, who’s the Western Regional Director for my company WTS International, came out on Friday, and Saturday was our member appreciation party, so I was kept pretty busy.

On the home front, you may have noticed that in the last couple weeks I’ve cut back my blogging to three days a week. It is hard, but I feel that with my crazy busy life posting on three days only (with an occasional fourth day thrown in) ensures that I can keep up the quality of my writing and not just throw things together to make sure that I have a daily post. When things calm down a bit, I may post more often, but for now it just feels really good not to have the pressure to keep up.

So, a few things from the week.

When I ran the Ragnar Relay, I made one purchase, a necklace. I may have bought more, but the lines were so long that I just didn’t want to wait. One thing caught my eye though, and I ordered it last week for $5. It arrived a couple days ago and I think it was the best thing I could buy to remember my experience.

Boston Inspired 8

I also had a well deserved pedicure. I discovered after he took off my old polish, that the nail on my middle tow is pretty black and looks like it isn’t going to make it too much longer (no pictures, sorry). In fact, the color I had picked was to light to cover it up, so I asked my nail tech to pick a similar but darker color. I like it a lot because it matches my new car.

Boston Inspired 3

Also during the week I made one of my favorite spicy seitan dishes ever. The recipe will be coming soon, but in the meantime, doesn’t this make your mouth water? Chipotle-spiced seitan, with avocado. So delicious.

Boston Inspired 11

In other important news, Buddy and Coco both got a much needed haircut. They were both given a “poodle cut,” and now really look like brother and sister.

Boston Inspired 7


Training Update

As for my other training, I managed two strength workouts (teaching my class) and four runs. I am still having a hard time increasing the distance on my midweek runs, and I had to work on Saturday, so that run was a bust too. So basically, I ran one mile on Tuesday, three miles on Wednesday, and two miles on Saturday. Not exactly marathon training gold.

Boston Inspired - Training

From my Wednesday run: Moon on a Mountain

Boston Inspired -Training

New Shoes! Love my Mizuno Wave Riders!

I also managed only the minimum on the Spring into Yoga Challenge. Again, I’m doing it, but with my schedule and the feeling of “squeezing it in,” I find myself only able to manage 10-15 minutes of relaxing/restorative yoga. Yes, it is better than no yoga at all, but I’d hoped by this time to be back in the swing of things.

Boston Inspired 12Finally, that Boston-Inspired long run? Well, I got it done. It wasn’t pretty though. Alan and I got a late start, about 7:00, which is just too late when the weather is going to warm up to the mid-90s.

Everything was fine for the first 10 miles. I really did think of the Boston Marathon, and tried to use those thoughts to keep me on track. After all, I had only 18 miles to run, not 26.2.

When we hit our turn around point at mile 10, it was starting to get a little warm. Almost immediately after our turn, I started to feel a little lightheaded, which either means I need to eat something or might be the onset of my exercise induced asthma. I ate my second Reload gel, and I did start to feel a little better. I was almost out of water though, so I stopped by one of the country club guardhouses, and they let me fill up my bottle.

Boston Inspired 2I was getting slower and slower, and Alan was gradually getting farther and farther ahead of me, even after I tried a tip I learned at my RRCA Coaching Certification class: When you feel really tired, instead of running slower, try running faster instead. It felt pretty good. For about one minute. Then I fell back into my slow trot.

When we got to our last stop, where we had a chance to refill our bottles, use the bathroom, and generally freshen up, the asthma kicked in for real. I got so dizzy I had to sit down, use my inhaler, and basically wish I was just around the corner from home. No luck with that one though, we were still four and a half miles away.

As I stood up, I was still so dizzy that I knew I couldn’t run quite yet. I urged Alan to go ahead, even though he didn’t want to leave me, figuring that at least he could get home and come back with the car. He finally agreed, and he headed off with me slowly walking behind.

Boston Inspired - Training

On Instagram, I called this the 3 stages of a long run: Happy, Fierce, and Zombie. All within one quick photo op!

After walking for a couple minutes, I could feel the dizziness subside, so I started running again. I kept up a mostly running, some walking cycle for the rest of the run. Alan did beat me home, but not by much, and he didn’t have to pick me up.

Boston Inspired - Training

It was 80 degrees when we finished (though I swear it felt hotter!). Also, it was fun to get over 40,000 steps before 11 in the morning (I ended with about 45,000 for the day, so you can imagine I’ve done a lot of sitting (and lying) since then).

It truly was one of the hardest training runs I’ve ever completed. When I got home (after sitting for a while), I drank two bottles of coconut water, but still didn’t even have the energy to make a smoothie. Instead, I lay down for about a half hour, then dragged myself back to the kitchen and made that smoothie. Then I went back to bed for a while.

Boston Inspired 4.

So that was my week. Not exactly Boston inspired as I’d hoped. Oh, while I was looking up the links for this post I “just happened” to check out the qualifying times for the Boston Marathon. I have never run it, though I used to qualify frequently. Then I hurt my knee, and I just couldn’t seem to make it anymore. Anyway, I found that Alan and I have the same qualifying time, 4:10. I think it is a little out of my reach right now, but we’ll see.

How was your week? Will you (or did you, depending on when you read this post) watch the Boston Marathon? Have you run it yourself?

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  1. says

    Marathon Monday fever has hit me too! Such a special day for our running community. And wow – what a run for you! I’m glad you made it home ok. Take care of yourself girl!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted…Dare To BelieveMy Profile

    • says

      My run was a little discouraging, but I’ll blame it on the heat. I feel fine today. Next week we’ll get out nice and early :-)

  2. says

    Way to Stay Strong on your long run! I’m sporting my Boston colors and am ready to cheer this morning!
    AmyC recently posted…We Run As OneMy Profile

  3. says

    Bummer about your rough run, but we all have them now and then. It’s great that you were able to finish without having Alan come pick you up! It’s great that you were able to relax the rest of the day!

    Like you, I used to qualify for Boston frequently. I ran it after my first qualifier (so it was my second marathon), and then I ran it again twelve years later. I’m glad I ran it in 2010, because I doubt I’ll run a BQ again.
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Thinking About Boston TodayMy Profile

  4. says

    I’m sorry to hear about that tough run, but congratulations on finishing strong without having to be fetched via car! I personally haven’t ran the Boston Marathon, but would love to do so someday. Rest well and relax as you deserve it. Great pictures! I enjoyed reading your blog.

    P.S. That meal looks promising. I would love to try preparing that for my own consumption.

    Great blog!
    Kim Silverman recently posted…The Displaced/Subluxed Rib, Bench Press, and Your Stiff T-Spine – Pro Episode #69My Profile

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