6 Things That Really Annoy Me.

I wanted to call this post Things That Piss Me Off, but I guess the nice girl in me came through at the last moment. I have been dealing with back spasms for the last two days, suffering through pain that would make me curl into a ball if that wouldn’t hurt even more. It’s made me cranky, annoyed, and frankly, pissed off about all kind of things that I usually take in stride.

I’m not sure exactly what I did to hurt my back. While it almost always gives me a few pangs, I woke up Friday feeling just fine. Then, as the morning went on, I could feel it tightening up, and by the time I stood to take a break at work, I had to quickly sit back down as the spasm shot a bolt of pain through my low back.

So, a day later (having to work both days), lots of Aleve, ice, heat, a chair massage, some essential oil treatment, and as much rest as possible, I am feeling much better, but still kind of cranky. So I thought I’d spread the joy by sharing some of the things that really annoy me (beyond my back pain).

Other Drivers

DriversThere are so many things about other drivers that really annoy me, especially living in a resort town, especially living in a resort town that attracts old people an older crowd, but I thought I could combine all my peeves into this one section. First of all, nothing related to my town or the age of the drivers, why don’t people use their damn turn signals? Jeez, it’s a flick of the wrist, but apparently that is too much effort for about 75% of drivers to attempt (that is my own estimate, nothing official). Not only is it potentially dangerous, it is also downright rude. C’mon man..let me know what you’re going to do!

Also on my pet peeve list: Drivers who drive 10-15 mph below the speed limit, especially in the left lane, people who suddenly realize that they need to make a left turn, and even though they are in the right lane, swoop swiftly across the road, traffic be damned, instead of driving a little farther and making a U-turn. Yeah, I get that you’re lost, but I still tend to think my life is more important. And they have this little gadget now, called GPS, available in most cars and phones. Check it out.

Twitter FollowersTwitter

I get really annoyed with people who follow you on Twitter, wait until you follow them back, then unfollow you. Hey! There’s an app(s) for that!

The Price of Vegan Food (and Women’s Clothing)

I was very excited when Ralph’s started carrying Daiya vegan cheese. I was not so excited that the price of an eight ounce bag of shredded Daiya ranged between $5 and $7. Really? The same goes for vegan burger patties, “chicken” strips, and other options. Yes, I know that they are processed and not very good for me, but that isn’t the point of this post. What is pissing me off is that without an exception, they are about twice as expensive as the “real” version. This is one of the things that leads to reports that being vegan is expensive and difficult.

I included women’s clothing in this section because it runs along the same lines. Whether it is a pair of panties, running shorts, or other (non-designer) items of clothing, it seems that the women’s version, while using less fabric because of their smaller size, still cost more that the men’s. Ticks me off.

People Who Don’t Tag Their Dog

DogsFor crying out loud people, if you own a dog, put a tag on it! Or at least chip it (and as my friend Cadry says, keep that info up to date). If your dog gets out, don’t you want to get him back? Do you want to risk his injury or death, or getting captured by animal control, having to endure days in the shelter, or even someone else thinking he is wonderful and keeping him for themselves? It’s an $8 investment with a priceless return!

After my run this morning, I’m going to add People Who Don’t Pick Up Their Dog’s Poop under this category because they are irresponsible owners too. As Alan and I run through our beautiful trails, we pass many piles of poop and it makes me so mad. This is why more and more trails are cut off to dogs.

Runners That Don’t Return a Greeting

What makes some runners so special that they can’t manage the effort to say hi, wave, or even nod their head, in response to my greeting? I have been running for over 20 years, and I always acknowledge other runners. Come on, people, you’re not working so hard that you can’t do the same. I once met Steve Scott, who has more sub 4-minutes miles than anyone, as we were running along the coast in Carlsbad. Not only did he nod his head and say hi the first time we passed him (in opposite directions), when we passed on the return trip, he offered a “great job!” That’s class, and if he can do it, everyone else can too.

Blogs with Bad Grammar and Spelling

I know I’m not perfect in the grammar department. I sometimes write things that I will take a second look at (<– like that grammarsentence) and try to remember the rules of grammar. It happens, even to the best and most careful writers. What annoys me are the writers that don’t seem to care. Multiple typos in a post? Maybe proofreading would be in order. Spelling mistakes? Your blogging theme probably has a spell check option. Use it! Basic grammar and spelling mistakes? Come on…if you are publishing your writing for the public, it might be time to learn the difference between “to” and “too,” “there” and “their,” or “your” and “you’re.”

Phew! That felt good!

Whether it was the venting or because my back is feeling much better, my outlook is much brighter today. My scheduled 10 miler was a little unusual since I didn’t run on Saturday because of my back. We hate for the dogs to miss their run (they love it so much), so Alan and I took Penny and Buddy on our usual trail run, then I took Olivia, Lily and Coco out for another mile and a half. That left just a few more miles to go, so I dropped off the dogs, filled up with more InRefresh and a Reload Gel and took off on my own. It doesn’t matter how it gets done, as long as it gets done.

Run CollageWe did pass a runner who totally ignored our “good mornings,” wouldn’t catch our eye, or acknowledge our existence. Knowing that I was posting this, I just smiled to myself, and thought, “I bet she can’t even run one sub-four-minute mile!”

Okay, fess up. What really ticks you off? Oh, and feel free to call me out on any grammar mistakes or typos I didn’t catch. I asked for it.

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  1. says

    The drivers have been KILLING me lately! I’m going to need blood pressure medicine soon.

    Glad your back is feeling better! I’m off to go proof read my blog now… 😉
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted…Mexican Chicken SoupMy Profile

    • says

      Haha. My back is much better today (had a real massage, and that helped a lot). I have about a half hour drive in each direction to work. It would be interesting some day to take my blood pressure before and after.
      Debbie Woodruff recently posted…6 Things That Really Annoy Me.My Profile

  2. Jessica Cleeton says

    I couldn’t agree more on all accounts. So frustrating.

  3. says

    haha I love this post so much Debbie!!! The grammar (tho’ I might be guilty of that!), the price of clothing, other drivers and Twitter followers! I can’t stand the auto DMs. I mean, people are still doing that? I’m so sorry about the back spasms. I went through that right around New Year’s and it stinks! I hope that you’re feeling better soon.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted…Coffee TalkMy Profile

    • says

      You write beautifully Christine. Bad grammar sticks out like a sore thumb and makes it difficult to read.

      I hate auto DMs too. I never check or reply to direct messages anymore, since they’re either spam or viruses.
      Debbie Woodruff recently posted…6 Things That Really Annoy Me.My Profile

  4. says

    Oh, I get soooo *annoyed* by lazy writing. I agree with you 100%. It’s not about being perfect (no one’s writing is); it’s about taking the time to proof-read what you are putting out for others to see.
    I’m not vegan, but I do the gluten-free thing and when I want bread, pasta, cereal, or cookies, they also cost twice as much as “regular” food.
    TriGirl recently posted…This *is* a Triathlon Blog…isn’t it?My Profile

    • says

      It is hard to remember all the rules. And I think we sometimes “defy” rules to make our writing sound more conversational. It still flows, though, while plain old bad grammar does not.
      Debbie Woodruff recently posted…6 Things That Really Annoy Me.My Profile

  5. says

    The women’s clothing issue made me laugh. I b*tch about this all the time when I need to buy underwear. *grumble**grumble**

    So… are you pointing out my grammer mishap on facebook? would the phrase “Lorna Jane and me.” or “Lorna Jane and I.” I figured the with the period, it made it me. but i could be wrong. 😉
    Christine @ Oatmeal Bowl recently posted…Raspberry Green Smoothie RecipeMy Profile

    • says

      I’m not calling out anyone here. I love you all!

      As for I and me, it depends on whether the phrase is the subject or the object of the sentence:

      Lorna Jane and I went shopping.

      There were some great deals for Lorna Jane and me.

      If you take off the Lorna Jane, it makes it easier to figure out which is the correct word.

      I went shopping (not me went shopping).

      There were some great deals for me (not for I).

      Sorry to pontificate :-p Lesson over.
      Debbie Woodruff recently posted…6 Things That Really Annoy Me.My Profile

  6. says

    I hope your back feels better soon!! And this post made me laugh. I feel like everyone has a lot of the same frustrations. Especially not picking up your dog’s poop, ignoring other runners’ greetings and poor attention to detail in writing!!
    Carly @ Fine Fit Day recently posted…Fit Mama Friday – Meet AlayaMy Profile

  7. says

    Ah ha ha ha! TELL ME HOW YOU REALLY FEEL?!?! 😉

    I personally HATE HATE HATE whistling and passive aggressive people. JUST STRAIGHT UP TELL ME, I can guarantee that I WILL NOT CARE or I will give you a straight answer if you want something, COMMON! Spit it out… AND DON’T WHISTLE. lol!
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…Victoria Beckham Needs This Natural Prozac!My Profile

  8. Glenneth says

    love this post! things that annoy people – people who say they are going to do something or be somewhere and then they don’t. people who are always late.
    Glenneth recently posted…The Dirty Dozen Arm WorkoutMy Profile

  9. says

    Oh that must have felt good!! I was feeling good just nodding along in agreement. Driving in the left lane super slow, runners that don’t acknowledge you, people that don’t say thank you piss me off. :-)
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted…My Reverse Bucket ListMy Profile

  10. says

    Sometimes we just have to vent, especially if we’re in pain. And I agree on your pet peeves. I hope you are on the mend soon..and that you inspire some others to implement spell check!
    misszippy recently posted…Cultivating the right attitudeMy Profile

  11. coach ee..nada says

    All can be forgiven….except poop on the trails..number 1 pet peeve..no pun

  12. says

    Ha! I have days where “People Piss Me Off” too 😉

    What’s up with drivers who can’t move over to pass you when you’re running? Or slow down a little? jeez. I’d run on the sidewalk IF there was one!
    AmyC recently posted…Training Truths: Under-the-WeatherMy Profile

  13. says

    Oh, how I love this post! We should do a cranky link-up party one of these days. 😉
    I get frustrated by people who go below the speed limit in the left lane of the freeway. There are at least two other lanes to chose from — use them!
    I also get annoyed at runners who don’t acknowledge a greeting. I’ve even been snubbed in my own neighborhood! Get over yourself!
    I am persnickity about grammar and spelling, but have to tell you that the platform I have to use from work blog does not have spell check, so I have to put the post in Word to run spell check and that sucks too!

    I hope you are feeling better!
    Coco (@Got2Run4Me) recently posted…Running In The Dark (Knuckle Lights Review)My Profile

  14. says

    LOL – I hate hate hate drivers who tailgate. Back off! And the no blinkers thing? That ticks me off when I’m out running too. But usually it would mean the driver would need to put down their phone for a minute so they could actually have a free hand to use the turn signal in the first place. I had that happen twice during my run on Sat. They looked like they were turning one direction then changed last minute and both were on the phone not paying one bit of attention.

  15. says

    I got a good laugh outta this post and I completely agree with runner’s not saying hello. It doesn’t even haveta be a verbal acknowledgement. A head nod, wave, or smile works just fine, anything to say “hello there fellow runner, I salute you for being out here!” lol
    Kelsey @ Blonder Side of Life recently posted…Is It Just Me?My Profile

  16. says

    OH MY GOSH! I was nodding my head at every single one!
    Things that piss me off:
    1. People who drive slow in the fast lane
    2. Families who take up the whole damn sidewalk!
    3. People who don’t hold the door open for others.
    ps-I think you inspired a blog post for me
    Maureen recently posted…Better Than Nothing WorkoutMy Profile

  17. Sarah says

    Wow, I feel like I wrote this blog. We are annoyed of all the same things!!

  18. says

    I am normally a total sweetheart, but I have the WORST ROAD RAGE ever!! I can go from being super happy and chipper on the road to being TOTALLY angry in the matter of seconds. It’s bad. Also, bad grammar really turns me off too. If I’m reading a blog and it’s hard to get through because of grammatical errors, I have to stop reading and I usually can’t visit that blog again. One thing that REALLY makes me mad on a run is trash. I HATE seeing people treat the planet like a garbage can. It bugs me beyond belief that I don’t have the capacity to run with a trash bag so I can pick up everything I see and not mess up my form/injure myself in the process.
    Rachel @ Undercover Diva: A Sitcom recently posted…Week 6 #PrincessHalf Training RecapMy Profile

  19. says

    Love this and completely agree with all of them (except I guess I can’t say anything about vegan food prices but still!!).
    The driving thing is daily here – I can’t tell you how many times I have had to remain stopped at a green light because people feel the need to run the light and make a left turn!!
    And I have literally opened my door and told people walking their dogs to come back and pick up the mess that I just watched their dog make in my yard!!!
    Kim recently posted…Today We Honor a True American HeroMy Profile

  20. says

    Boy do I hear you! Drivers these days literally make me crazy! And as for someone who takes the time to follow back anyone who follows me on twitter (well unless they look creepy nuts or porn or something) I absolutely hate it when they follow you just to get a follow back, and then they un-follow… I don’t get it!
    I pretty much agree with all of these, glad I am not the only one who thinks these things!!!
    Kristy @Runaway Bridal Planner recently posted…Me Monday’s – Weight Loss – Injury Update – Link UpMy Profile

  21. says

    Way to let it out Debbie!!! I really, really can’t stand the bad grammar/spelling. Once, ok – twice, fine… consistently? unacceptable. and I don’t think it’s enough to say to people I know I bad at this because that is just an excuse, at least TRY to get better!! geez! ok, rant over :)
    Mar @ Mar on the Run! recently posted…Marathon Training Recap Week 8My Profile

  22. says

    I am sure glad I don’t call myself a blogger but a blabber cause that might pertain to me! 😉 I try my best & use spell check but sometimes spell check does not catch it & I do read over many times to no avail at times… I just want to get my message out so if there is a little mistake here or there – and in other people’s posts too – well, I am OK with that. We are all not English majors.. but I do see so many that this bothers – just not me. :)

    I am with you with drivers & dog tags too! The runner thing too! I say hi on my outside run & some people will not say HI back!

    I don’t even pay attention to the Twitter thing.. :)
    Jody – Fit at 56 recently posted…Earbuds, Earclips, Music Listening Comfort while You Work OutMy Profile

  23. says

    I hope your back is feeling better! I’ve had back spasms before and it’s awful. Having to miss a run because of the pain just makes matters worse, so I don’t blame you for being so annoyed!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Shoveling Snow in -10° Wind ChillMy Profile

  24. BreannaS says

    I completely agree with this post! Those are the exact things that I complain about all too often.

  25. says

    All very true – especially the bad grammar/spelling aspect. Irk! It’s also definitely aggravating when someone unfollows you on Twitter when they made the first move – foul. Spot on, have a great weekend Debbie! -Iva
    AwesomelyOZ recently posted…Why I’m ‘Crazy’My Profile

  26. says

    Oh my gosh there is nothing that bugs me more than a runner who wont AT LEAST give me a runners nod in acknowledgement.

    Okay there are probably things that bug me more but its still really obnoxious.
    Ashley @ Brocblog recently posted…Lessons LearnedMy Profile

  27. says

    Blog posts with grammar mistakes (especially sponsored ones) totally bug me. My biggest driver pet peeve though is people who don’t go the speed limit on the highway but have no problem speeding through residential areas.
    Jenny @ simply be me recently posted…Whole30 Week TwoMy Profile


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