Fun on the 4th of July (and the 3rd!)

We are headed to San Diego this morning, where I will run the Costume Party Race Half Marathon tomorrow.  I think I’m ready. No, I take it back. I am ready. I’ve done my training, I’ve been consistent with all my runs, I’ve even made my costume (except I need a bandana…anyone want to lend me a red paisley bandana for the race?). All that’s left is to actually get it done. Two hours.,.here I come.

In the meantime, a little photo story of our 4th of July celebration. We headed to Huntington Beach on Wednesday. As we were leaving, I saw an Instagram photo posted by Tiffany with the Huntington Beach pier in the background.


As you can see from the conversation, we had good intentions of trying to meet up. I seem to always be missing meeting up with fellow Fitfluential Ambassadors, from Lisa, to Kymberly and Alexandra, to Jody, and even Kelly, CEO of Fitfluential. Circumstances seem to intervene. Sadly, they did again this time, with me at one end of the parade, with family near the start, and Tiffany much closer to the end of the parade. Hopefully we will meet next month at IDEA World Fitness Convention. We are both Inspired Advisors and will be there for the event.

4th of July

All of the above excitement took place on the 3rd of July. My stepson and daughter-in-law had plans for a get together the next day, but a few friends stopped by on Wednesday evening. Then a few more friends. Of course, in this family friendly area, they all brought their kids, so pretty soon, there were fireworks going in the front yard (shhhh, not exactly legal on the 3rd!).

Huntington Beach goes wild for Independence Day. Seriously, I think it is as big as Christmas. Everybody decorates, dresses up, has parties, goes to the parade, the fireworks, and about 5,000 of them went to the Surf City 5k in the morning.

4th of July

Even though we were up late the night before (almost 11…really really late for us!), we were determined to take the boys and run the 5k in the morning. Unfortunately, they were up late too, which meant a late start, which meant we ran in the open race at 8:00 (instead of the residents’ race at 7:00).  I had a dish to prepare for the get-together that was to begin about 9:00 (before the parade), so we finally decided to walk to the race start, run as far as the turn-around (which was about 2 blocks from the house), then run straight home. That meant about a mile and a half run, which really was the perfect distance for our two eight-year-old grandsons.

4th of July

4th of July

4th of July

4th of July

4th of July

4th of July

They did great! They ran the whole way at a pretty good pace. There were a lot of people, which actually held them up a little. They may have made it the whole 5k, but we still cut off at the halfway point. I had a tofu scramble to make!

Right in front of the house is the staging point for the race. It’s kind of fun to see the horses and their riders up close as they get ready to go.

4th of July

4th of JulyAfter food prep, a little breakfast and a shower, our whole group, including the guests and their kids headed the block or so to the parade. Even though we were right near the beginning, it was about a two hour event. In additions to a few videos on Instagram, I mostly took pictures of the horses.

4th of July

4th of July

After I’d had enough, I walked back to the house. It looked like a parking lot in front. For bicycles.

4th of July

Truly the only way to get around on a busy day at the beach, especially with road closures (we had to park several blocks away because the street was used for pre-parade preparation), horrid traffic, and no parking to be found anywhere.

Alan and I headed home a few hours later, back to the heat of the desert (and our dogs, of course). It was great to get out of the heat, run with our grandsons, and to see our family and meet their friends. At home I made veggie burgers and corn, though it was too hot to cook outdoors. All in all, a good holiday.

Oh, and the fireworks? With the exception of our grandsons’ 3rd of July fun, we didn’t see any fireworks. We stay indoors with our dogs. One in particular tends to freak out from the booming, so we stay inside and try to reassure them.

How was your holiday? Any races or parades? Did you get to see the fireworks?

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    • Debbie Woodruff says

      HB is truly amazing on the 4th! Of course, Big Bear can’t be too bad either! :-).

      I would love to meet you too sometime. So many of the bloggers that I love to read live so close! So far I keep striking out at races, conventions, and other events where we just miss meeting up.

  1. says

    Wow, sounds like y’all had a great holiday week!!!
    Funny how places are different with firework rules. We have a week here that it is legal to shoot them (and we made good use of our week shooting them 5 out of 7 nights!!). That parade looks awesome!!!

    Good luck in your race! Can’t wait to read all about it (and see pictures of you in the costume!!).
    Kim recently posted…So Many Workouts, So Little TimeMy Profile

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