Family Time

Just a quick post.

Busy weekend. I did NOT do my long run this weekend (the last before the Costume Party Run). I will do it tomorrow because I have an extra day off this weekend.

I did run though, five miles on Saturday, six-plus on Sunday. We also dealt with an electrical issue. Friday morning, I turned on the bathroom lights and…POP…they went off. All the normal remedies did not work. The lights and outlets in both my bathrooms are not working. Alan and I tried replacing the GFI which did not help (and we had such high hopes, too!). Next step, call an electrician, a prospect which sounds complicated and expensive.

The main thing I want to write about, and the reason I didn’t get my long run done on Sunday is…

Family Time

Yes, we went to San Diego on Sunday to visit my son Nathan, daughter-in-law Sarah, and of course, my grandson Samuel. Believe it or not, he’s going to be seven months in a few days! Yes, time flies. So, our Sunday, mostly in pictures (and a couple videos).

If you love to hear a baby laugh, you need to watch the video above. Samuel and his daddy. It’s pretty short, formatted a little funny because these were videos posted to Instagram (or supposed to be, the first one, the best one, didn’t upload properly).

Family Time

They told me that Samuel would just pull off his sunglasses. Ha! Grandma got him to keep them on. The secret:

Family Time

Catch them while they’re sleeping.

Family Time

Feeding Samuel his, um, orange vegetable (can’t remember, but he seemed to love them).

Family Time

We had lunch at Chipotle. This time Alan and I had the Sofritas Bowl (see my review here). Oddly, Chipotle is one of the few restaurants of any sort that can accommodate Alan’s and my vegan lifestyle and Sarah and Nathan’s Paleo diet, even now when they are in the middle of a Whole 30.

Samuel 7

Nothing like selfies with your grandson.

The video is a collection of several vids that we took, mostly Samuel laughing, smiling, wiggling, cooing, etc. Standard grandparent stuff. Cutest baby ever (and no, we’re not biased).

Family Time

I obviously was having a wonderful time. And I was just as obviously in a hurry to edit these photos or I would have cut my son’s feet out of this shot.

Samuel Collage 2

Family Time

I spent most of my day on the floor. In this case, floor = heaven.

Samuel Collage

That was my weekend. How was yours?

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    • Debbie Woodruff says

      I hope that your long run went well. Mine was pretty good, 14 miles and the weather stayed cool.

      I’m glad the meeting with your husband’s parents went well too. Always good to have a good relationship with the in laws!

  1. says

    I didn’t realize Chipolte could accommodate a paleo diet! This excited me to no end!! I’m always looking for quick easy solutions on the go as I travel for work. Packing lunch for three days can be a bit difficult and having go to places makes ALL the difference!
    Sarah MomRunningonEmpty recently posted…Shaping Up this SummerMy Profile

    • Debbie Woodruff says

      Apparently the meat is cooked in it’s own juices (with just seasoning I would guess). They had veggies, double meat, the fresh salsa, guacamole on the side and another type of salsa on the side. I’m just happy we could find a place that will accommodate all of our lifestyles!

  2. says

    I once read that a correlation exists between floor time and a baby’s development. I wish I could remember more of the details, but the bottom line was the more floor time with babies, the better it was for them (just can’t recall how). Your grandson is obviously coming along on the happy plus side. And I absolutely LOVE those shots of the two of you.
    KymberlyFunFit recently posted…Drenched 5K Run is Coming: Ready for Some Summer Fun?My Profile

    • Debbie Woodruff says

      Thank you! I just feels natural (even at my age) to get down on the floor with my grandson. Of course, I do it with my dogs too :-)

    • Debbie Woodruff says

      Thank you. I had a great time with the family. Still waiting on the electrician (a friend, so we have to wait until the end of his work day, hopefully worth it!)

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