I am an Official KindRunner! Plus Vegan Sofritas at Chipotle!

I Am A KindRunner!

As of today, I am not only a KindRunner Ambassador, I am myself a kind runner.

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen this post yesterday afternoon:

I had finally received my order from KindRunner! I had to wait a few days for my Mizuno Wave Rider 16s to be available in my size, so I was anxiously awaiting their delivery.

Now, new shoes are exciting, but with KindRunner, there is also this:

Now I get to be the kind runner by shipping back my old shoes (they go directly to Soles4Souls), to be rehabbed and given to someone who really needs them. Every time you buy a pair of shoes from KindRunner you receive a return shipping label for your old shoes. When they are received you will earn $10 in Kindness Cash Rewards that you can use on your next purchase. In spite of the picture above, I was only able to squeeze two pairs of my old shoes in the box. I still get $10 credit, and I will help twice as many people! Plus help keep those old shoes from ending up in a landfill for a long time.


What? You’re not sending away your running shoes?

There are a lot of great reasons to shop at KindRunner, like free three-way shipping, expert video reviews of every product that they sell, confident runner pricing, easy 365 returns, and of course the Kindness Cash Rewards, but to know that your shoes are going directly to someone who needs them is, to me, the most important. Click here for details about the KindRunner benefits.


Did I mention that as one of the first 500 KindRunner customers I receive free socks for life every time I buy a new pair of shoes? Truth!

New Shoes

Saturday is my next running day. I can’t wait! I plan to run a few miles in my purple shoes, then put them aside for the Costume Party Run on July 7.

Vegan at Chipotle!

Actually, it has always been possible to eat vegan at Chipotle. Their Veggie Bowl, Tacos, and Burritos are all vegan (if you skip the sour cream, cheese, and remember that the pinto beans have bacon in them). Their food is very good, reasonably priced, and I love any fast food joint at which I can order a beer.

There is a lot of vegan buzz right now, though, about Sofritas. What are Sofritas? From the Chipotle website: “We start with organic tofu from Hodo Soy that we shred and then braise with chipotle chilis, roasted poblanos, and a blend of aromatic spices. The result is a delicious, spicy tofu that will give vegans and carnivores something they both will love.

Sofritas have been available in Northern California for awhile, but Chipotle just made them available in all their California locations a few weeks ago. Healthy? Well, they are quite high in sodium, especially when combined with some of the salsas that Chipotle serves. Plus, remember that anything wrapped in a large flour tortilla will have an additional 250+ calories before you add any toppings.

Frankly, I am just happy to have a new vegan option available at a fast food restaurant that generally offers fresh, whole, made on the premises food. But, how does it taste? Alan and I decided to find out for ourselves.

KindRunner - Vegan Chipotle

We met there after work. As we waited in line, one of the servers brought around a sample tray with the Sofritas. It was nice to get a chance to have a taste before ordering.

The only thing I have ever ordered at Chipotle has been the Veggie Bowl. I decided to jump way out of my box, not only with the Sofritas, but by having them in a taco! Alan went that way too. I had the soft corn tortillas and he had the crispy shell.

Chipotle also has a choice of rice, so I stayed on the healthier side by ordering the brown. They still offer the pinto beans when your order the vegan food, which always bothers me. I know that non-vegetarians order veggie bowls, and now Sofritas, and that the menu clearly states “cooked with bacon,” but it just seems to me that unless someones states they want the pork-laden beans the vegan/vegetarian black beans should be offered. What is wrong with the sentence, “will you be having the black beans with that?” Then if someone says they prefer pinto, you can let them know, “those contain bacon, is that alright?”

Okay, mini rant over.

KindRunner - Vegan Chipotle

 My tacos were so messy that I had to eat them with a fork. With fresh, spicy, and corn salsa. I could only eat two. Were they worth the mess?

KindRunner - Vegan Chipotle

Alan’s tacos with a crispy shell and added guacamole. In the old pre-Sofritas days, the guac was free (with the veggie dishes). Now it is $2 extra. His crispy shells held together well. But how did they taste?

And the answer is…very good! The Sofritas are very tasty, the food is fresh, and I will be back for more (for sure because I was given a coupon for a free Sofritas Bowl, Burrito, or Tacos). Yes, the sodium is high, but I don’t eat there everyday, and I’m happy to have a good, vegan option at a fast food restaurant.

Oh, I asked the servers how the Sofritas were selling, and they said very well. Great job, California, keep buying them and Chipotle will keep on serving them.

Are you a Kind Runner? Do you eat at Chipotle? What is your favorite?

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  1. says

    That is so awesome about KindRunner. I always hoard my old shoes just because even though there’s lots of miles on ’em they’re still good. Love that there’s a place for them to go now!

    Can’t wait to try Sofritos. Sounds yummy!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted…ThreeMy Profile

    • Debbie Woodruff says

      My running shoes get a lot of use after being retired from running. I always throw them in the wash, wear them to work and just for casual for a long time.

    • Debbie Woodruff says

      I think right now they are just in California. Hopefully they will be popular and spread throughout the country (so to speak).

    • Debbie Woodruff says

      It felt so good to send them off. I wish I could have fit 3 pairs in the box. I have enough old running shoes around the house to last forever!

    • Debbie Woodruff says

      Hopefully it will be popular enough that they will do it in all their restaurants. Not to mention keep in it California.

    • Debbie Woodruff says

      I hope so too. I love when restaurants try something different, so I hope that customers support it.

  2. says

    I love Chipotle…always get a bowl, sometimes w/ brown rice and sometimes w/ no rice. I don’t eat any fast food but this, and I like to think it is a big healthier than “real” fast food. It’s great that they are offering a vegan option now.

    Love the purple shoes!
    misszippy recently posted…Runner or racer?My Profile

    • Debbie Woodruff says

      Chipotle is my only fast food joint too. Well, almost. I’ve been known to get a side of rice and beans from del Taco or Baja Fresh, but that hardly counts because it is rice and beans not burgers and fries.

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