Lake Havasu, a Half Marathon, and the London Bridge

This weekend I am traveling to run the London Bridge Half Marathon!

After reading that sentence, you may be thinking one of two things. First, you may ask, Debbie, I thought you were training for the La Jolla Half Marathon. What happened?

Yes, it is true that my goal race is La Jolla, on April 28. But, you  see, I am married to a man who announces races once or twice a month. And it happens that he is announcing this race on the same day that I am scheduled to run 13 miles! How perfect is that?

Here is my plan. I will start out slowly, at my usual long run pace, which is about 10 minute miles or slightly slower. After three miles, I’m going to pick up the pace, to about 9:30 miles. Then, from mile five through 11, I will run the race at my goal race pace, which is about 9:09 minutes per mile. The last two miles I’ll drop back to a 10 minute pace.

That is my goal. Hopefully I’ve done enough of these so that I won’t get caught up in the moment, think “this is my day!” and wind up burning my self up.

I’ve done workouts like this during training and I love them. They teach you to run fast when you’re tired, give you a sense of your race pace, and move you out of that “long run slog” zone. I’ve never run this workout during an actual race, though. Wish me luck.

The other question you may be asking, especially if you live on the east coast, or are, ahem, a little younger, is, Debbie, are you traveling to England this weekend? Your husband must be a really good announcer if they hire him from that far away!

Well, while my husband is a very good announcer, we are not going to England for the race. Some of you may recall that over 40 years ago, the London Bridge was purchased and moved to Lake Havasu City, Arizona! It did originally span the River Thames in London until it was dismantled and moved in 1967. It was purchased by Robert P. McColloch, who had the exterior granite blocks numbered and transported to the United States, to construct the present bridge on the shores of Lake Havasu. It was completed in 1971. It links an island in the lake with the main part of Lake Havasu City.


The race starts and finishes by running across the bridge, which is pretty cool. The weather is similar to ours in La Quinta, so the morning will be cool, and it will probably warm up to the seventies during the race. Not bad. The Lake Havasu area is very pretty, known for boating, fishing, and most particularly, as being a great party spot for spring-breakers.

We’re leaving early Friday morning (the race is on Saturday). Instead of a nine hour flight across the Atlantic, we have a much shorter three hour drive across the California and Arizona desert.

Good luck to all of you who are competing this weekend. I know many who are headed to Boston, and I wish you great weather and good times. Whatever your race, however long your distance, good luck and have fun.


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    I had no idea about the London Bridge–what a great story! Enjoy the run- it sounds like you are going into it with a fabulous attitude.
    Elena recently posted…Where to Hike in SedonaMy Profile

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    I had no idea that the bridge was in AZ either! Pretty cool! I’m thought the same as Laura – which girl are you in the pic? Obviously you aren’t drinking a margarita after your worst run story. 😉

    Good luck with your training/race run!

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    Hi Debbie! I hope you had a wonderful time running the half marathon here in Lake Havasu CIty. It is quirky and weird, but also very cool that the London Bridge is in Arizona, isn’t it?

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