Fifth Hysterversary Update and Poise Body Cooling Towelettes Review

While it is a little early to celebrate, the fifth anniversary of my total hysterectomy and instant entry into menopause is quickly approaching. This seemed an appropriate time to discuss the changes I have undergone in the past five years, also because I was recently sent a sample kit from Poise.


Poise offers a complete line of wellness products designed to help women approach changes with confidence.


It’s been almost two years since I posted about my life after menopause. I took a look back at that post and realized that, while many things have changed, most especially my fitness and training, some things have not, specifically my migraines and occasional issues with my hormone replacement therapy.


I am really excited that for the first time since before my hysterectomy I am actually training for a half marathon. Yes, I have run one or two half marathons a year, but beyond running enough to build the appropriate endurance, I didn’t do any other training. My times showed it of course, they were generally around 2:10 or so, not too bad considering the lack of training, but still, I felt I could do better. Now that I am currently in week eleven of my La Jolla Half Marathon training plan, I feel that I can improve my time, run a stronger race, and even recover better afterward. Time will tell!


I had a very fast recovery from surgery. I was back to work in eight days, felt good from the very beginning, was able to get back to most of my regular activities within a couple weeks. I am sure that my great recovery was due in large part to being in excellent shape before my operation. Menopause has not always been so easy, though. I have written about my search for the perfect hormone replacement (if such a thing exists). In my fantasy, my energy level would always be high, my migraines would disappear, and the words “hot flash” would not be a part of my vocabulary. My reality is somewhat different. While I usually wake up well rested and ready to face the day, I find that by midday my energy will slack off. Now, that could be many things, including 1) High energy expenditure in the mornings, my main exercise time, 2) My hypothyroidism, for which I’ve been taking medication for several months (darn, need to remember to go get that follow up blood test!), and 3) my, ahem, age. While 55 is certainly not old, it is not 25 either, and one can expect some changes due to time. Then there are my migraines. I was so hopeful entering menopause that, as many older women had told me had happened to them, my headaches would disappear. That was not to be in my case, and I still get frequent headaches which blossom into a full-blown migraine once a month or so. I guess I should be used to this, it has been going on for 45 years, but I was so hopeful at the beginning of my journey through “the change.” I still have a really outstanding hot flash from time to time, though, and that brings me back to the Poise sample kit that I received last week.


One of the items in my sample kit was Poise Body Cooling Towelettes. According to the package, the towelettes offer an instant cooling sensation that can provide hot flash comfort. Oh, yes, I’m in. Since most of my hot flash moments occur at night, I took the convenient re-sealable pouch and placed it by my bed. When I awoke that same night feeling uncomfortably warm, I first moved a couple dogs, kicked off my covers then reached for a Poise Body Cooling Towelette. I fell almost instantly back to sleep. I have used Poise Body Cooling Towelettes several times since then and they always provide me with cool comfort.


The Poise Feminine Wellness line, which was the 2013 Product of the Year, consists of five products designed to help provide comfort when experiencing some of the changes such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and vaginal odor. Millions of women already rely on Poise for discreet protection from light bladder leakage, and now Poise offers a unique line of daily products specifically designed to help women with staying cool, feel fresh, and intimacy. The line includes:

  • Roll-On Cooling Gel helps you feel comfortable and refreshed. Squeeze the tube and gently roll the cooling gel on wrists, chest or neck for a cooling sensation that lasts up to 10 minutes.
  • Body Cooling Towelettes offer instant cooling and refreshment. Gently wipe the towelette on wrists, chest or neck to feel cool and comfortable. Featuring a portable, re-sealable package, these towelettes are easy to use anywhere you go.
  • Personal Lubricant designed to enhance your intimate experience. This lubricant features an easy to use bottle and is made without Fragrance, Glycerin or Parabens.
  • Panty Fresheners have a fresh and clean scent that lasts up to four hours. These discreet, hypoallergenic fresheners stick to the outside of your undergarments so you can confidently go about your day.
  • Feminine Wash provides daily freshness with a unique formulation that is pH balanced for your intimate area. Glycerin and paraben free, this gentle wash will help you feel clean and confident.

For more information about the Poise Feminine Wellness Line and to sign up for a coupon or sample, visit Poise’s Facebook page.


And now for the sweepstakes – How are you approaching life’s changes confidently? Each comment will be entered to win a $100 Visa gift card!


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  1. says

    Thank you for sharing!!! 8++ years later thru perimenopause & finally menopause , HONEST – I think the whole thing sucks! 😉 Still have flashes & sweats & other stuff & wondering if it will ever end.

    I approached it fine but once in it I realized it is way worse than they make it out to be on the shows! I mean it! :)

    You go thru all those years of a menstrual cycle & the pain & all wishing for it to end & when it does, you ave even worse issues to deal with.. I am not a happy camper! 😉

    OK, saying all that, I could really use some of this! :)
    Jody – Fit at 55 recently posted…Chest Work from Different AnglesMy Profile

  2. says

    I’m not approaching that kind of change (although I’m only one year away from the age my mom had to have a hysterectomy, but that was an unfortunate and unique situation) but I am really glad to see that there are products like this for women! Very cool.
    Tiffany recently posted…The BIG Benefit of LessMy Profile

  3. says

    I think I still have a few years before I hit this, but I’m still trying to learn what I can in the meantime. My mom had a total hysterectomy at 43 before hitting menopause and I’m almost 42. So… who knows what genetics gave me.

    Congrats on your hysterversary! (Is that a congratulationable event?)
    Carrie @ recently posted…The First Mile SucksMy Profile

  4. Robin M. says

    I’m not crazy about all the side effects of getting older… but… its better than the alternative!

  5. rebecca shockley says

    I’m pretty confident about approaching these changes, although I think I have a while yet, I will be prepared with lot’s of breeze for the hot flashes I’m sure to get. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Kelly D says

    I am approaching life’s changes confidently by staying healthy and positive, by going on nature walks and eating lots of fruits and vegetables.

  7. Mami2jcn says

    I’m mostly trudging along and accepting each day as it comes. I’m taking vitamins.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  8. Stephanie V. says

    Think still in a bit of shock I went into early menopause. I had thyroid cancer, had surgery and radiation, then on suppression therapy. Apparently can happen but no Dr. ever said it to me. So just when we were talking about having a 2nd child my body quits an dries up — literally. In a sad mode right now but trying to find my way out of it confidently right now.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  9. Lisa Brown says

    I am approaching life’s changes with some concern, but I am eating right, getting a bit of exercise, really trying to take care of myself, to make the change easier.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  10. Anastasia says

    By simply rolling with the changes and doing what needs to be done to take care of any problems that come up :)

  11. Susan Smith says

    I’m excepting the changes my body is going through hot flashes and all. I’m trying to eat healthier and exercise more as I get older.

  12. Nadine L says

    I am fine, so far. I had the night sweats 6 years ago and nothing since other than some light incontinence. I just hit 50 so I am sure the rest of menopause should be hitting me any time now. It’s about the age my Mom started going through it. I just hope I handle it as gracefully.

  13. Shannon says

    I try to lead by example and give my children a good role model. I just try to roll with the punches!

  14. Denise S says

    I’m not quite there yet, but I’m trying to lose weight and eat healthier so that it will be easier when the time comes.

  15. Madeline says

    I try to stay consistent with exercise, and I dress in layers for those days when I’m hotter than usual!

  16. Stephanie Larison says

    I’m trying to eat better and work out as much as possible. Sometimes it’s so difficult, and things come up, but I’m still trying! I have PCOS so there’s already hormonal problems within. You can just do the best you can with what you’re dealt.

  17. says

    I’m not there yet and hopefully won’t be for awhile, but I hope to face it the same way I do other big changes in life with a little bit of humor and a lot of love from those around me. onefrugalgirl AT gmail DOT com

  18. Melinda says

    I’m approaching them with the knowledge that I’ve enjoyed life so far, so what if it gets a bit more complicated as I age :)

    mjf926 at gmail dot com

  19. Tina M says

    I always tell myself” We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us” stay positive

  20. Debbie B says

    life changes are inevitable so all you can do is deal with it and try to do so with a positive attitude

  21. Georgia says

    Approaching one moment at a time, not giving it negative energy and focusing on my thoughts about it.

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  22. LAMusing says

    Due to medications and thyroid issues I zipped through menopause earlier than I would have normally. It was fast and not too bad – hot flashes were, however, a weird experience. Mainly – keep your sense of humor!

  23. diane Baum says

    I’m dealing with it with a lot of sweating lol-but als owith confidence as this my time to focus on me.

  24. Janice Cooper says

    I’m trying to exercise and take my vitamins daily. I’m really trying to do better and stay healthy since I’m over 40. Lately I’ve been having night sweats.

  25. Betty C says

    Fortunately I had close friends who had started menopause before me so I had some support and advice. I was lucky in that my symptoms were fairly mild and I just decided that it’s just part of life and I had to deal with it.

  26. Lady Anne says

    I had a hysterectomy 35 years ago, but didn’t go into menopause until I was in my mid-50s. No problems,other than hot flashes. My GYN decided I didn’t need estrogen any more, and I don’t find of the herbal suppliments to be any help AT ALL. I once threw a nurse into a panic when I had a hot flash while she was taking my pre-op vitals, but we tried it again and all was well. Frankly, I think a hysterectomy is the greatest thing in the world!

  27. Lisa Garner says

    I’m honestly not very confident with all lifes changes at this time but I try to stay positive and focused and my family and life passions to keep me motivated.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  28. rachel travis says

    Hopefully i won’t need these for a few years (at least) but I’ll know they’re there when I need them!

    rachelmarietravis at gmail dot com

  29. says

    I am trying to educate myself on what to expect by talking to my mother and also getting books from the library regarding the changes. I don’t feel confident yet, but I still have some time to get there! LOL

  30. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I’m exercising as much as possible and learning to deal with the fact that not everything is under my control.

    pokergrl8 at

  31. Tabathia B says

    I am not going through menopause yet, but as I get older my body is changing and I have to work twice as hard to stay in shape and I feel like I am trudging along and not quite yet embracing it

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  32. susan smoaks says

    I am embracing the changes and just going with it! Life has it’s ups and downs, it’s what you do that makes it fun!

  33. Sarah L says

    I swim 3 times a week and keep active with singing and volunteering. I could have used the Body Cooling Towelettes 10 years ago when I had my Power Surges.
    Thanks for the contest.

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