The Weekend: Running, Eating (#Vegan), Family and Easter. In San Diego.


My weekly training recap post will be up tomorrow. Week 10! I had way too much going on this weekend to write. I did have a great long run, which I’ll tell you all about tomorrow. In the meantime, here is what kept me from writing, in (mostly) pictures.

IMG_4834It was a beautiful (but a little chilly) day in Encinitas when we arrived around noon. Our room wasn’t ready yet, so we headed to Moonlight Beach. We sat, looked at the ocean, admired the new construction (they’re building a new snack bar/restroom complex), then we headed to lunch at the Roxy. I had a great falafel pita, and while we were there realized that it was almost a year to the day that my son, Nathan, and daughter-in-law, Sarah, made their big announcement while we had dinner at the Roxy. After lunch we did a little shopping (any one else think about MizFit when looking at those dolls?), then checked in. We made it back to the beach for a lovely sunset.


For dinner, we headed to Native Foods. As you know, it’s my favorite restaurant and I’m so happy that the Encinitas location opened a few months ago. It was a beautiful evening, so Alan and I sat on the patio (next to a was a little chilly), and enjoyed our food. Bistro Steak Sandwich for me, Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger for Alan. We both had apple pie for dessert. Remember, in spite of the names, everything is free of animal products at Native Foods.


On Sunday morning, I had a 12 miler on the schedule. I decided to cut it back to 10 miles, because of our Easter plans, but I felt so good I ended up running 11 miles. Another beautiful day. I felt so great on the run that I wished that it was race day! I was really pleased that I ran mile 10, which is a pretty good uphill stretch from Cardiff to Encinitas, at race pace. Hurray for me!


After the run, we got a little dressed up and headed south to San Diego. We had big plans, but we stopped beforehand for a few photos. We were on Shelter Island, which is just across the harbor from downtown. Oh, the top photo is actually a statue of a surfer that is in Cardiff. It gets a lot of kidding for the pose and people tend to dress it up for the holidays.


Here’s the main reason we were in San Diego! To see my grandson, Samuel.

IMG_4837And his parents of course. And Sarah’s family. We were invited to Easter Brunch at the Bali Hai on Shelter Island. That is Samuel’s other grandma in the photo above. And Alan finally had a chance to feed Samuel. He’s four months old now, very happy, active, and has been sleeping through the night for about two months! He was a little off his schedule today, but, as you can see, he finally crashed out in his daddy’s arms.

IMG_4839More family shots from brunch today. Check out the view from our table at the Bali Hai. Beautiful, isn’t it?

How was your holiday weekend? Did you get to spend some time with family and friends?

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      Family is really the greatest way to spend holidays. We’re so lucky!

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    I can’t believe your grandson is 4 months old already!! He’s such a cutie. I’m so glad that you had a great time with family and super jealous of your time near the beach! We had a nice weekend in DC and with my in-laws.

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    Happy Easter! It’s lovely that you got to spend time with the family (we have an Easter tradition in Melbourne, but I missed it this year).

    Nice job on the 11 miler! And cranking out a race pace up a hill on mile 10 and then going for more? Impressive.
    Kate recently posted…Chocolate, clocks, and kanagroosMy Profile

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    Good call on the MIZ shout out with those masks… totally.

    I also spent the weekend with family but took a break from running. I set the alarm for early Sunday, but decided to sleep through it. Looks like you all had a great time.
    Pavement Runner recently posted…My Next AdventureMy Profile

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    great pics! I love the days when you plan on a shorter work out or run, and push it just a bit further because you are feeling it! What an accomplishment!!

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