Weekly Training Recap: Failure or Rest? And What I did Instead of Running

Well, depending on your point of view, I either had a week of magnificent rest or spectacular failure. Since I am a glass half full type, I will choose the former to describe a week where I ran less than 12 miles total, managed only two very moderate strength classes, and did not make it to yoga at all. For what it’s worth, here’s my training recap.

I started slowly on Monday. I was very tired and somewhat sore from my “double header” of long run and 90 minute yoga class, so I decided it was smart to take the whole day off.  I felt much better by Tuesday, but after waking up with a headache in the morning (something that happened several times last week, including a doozy of a migraine on Friday), I managed only a modified interval workout. I was still pleased that I completed seven ¼ mile repeats on the road averaging about 1:45-1:50.


I ran my six recovery miles on Wednesday, but I was still tired and happy to have the next two days off running. I taught my Superball class on Thursday, challenging my upper body pretty good, but skipping the lower body. I was looking forward to the challenge of my Fast and Furious class on Friday though.

Well, you know what they say about best laid plans. I woke up about midnight on Friday morning and could feel the migraine coming on. I was pretty much up all night between the headache and the nausea. I ended up cancelling my class, and when I finally was feeling a little better I slept until four in the afternoon.

The weekend was more of the same, training-wise. I skipped the run on Saturday, and on Sunday, instead of the 11 mile long run that is on the schedule, I managed three slow, sluggish miles. Total mileage for the week was about 11.5.

Now, let’s get to the excuses reasons for my training lapse (besides the migraines and the much needed rest).

On Friday night, Alan and I  to see West Side Story! It is still one of my all-time favorite movies, and when I found out it was coming to the McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert, I knew that I had to go. I was even going to splurge a little on tickets, but when I went online to order, all but the balconey seats were sold out. No matter. The McCallum is a wonderful little theater with great acoustics, and there really isn’t a bad seat in the house. Even one row from the last we could see everything, including the expressions on the actor’s faces.

I thought it was an excellent production of my favorite story. The dancing was great, the singing was very good, especially by the actors who played Tony and Maria, and the staging was spot on. I completely enjoyed every minute. I did notice that there seemed to be a lot more Spanish spoken, both in the dialog between the Puerto Rican Sharks, and integrated into the lyrics. I read later that this new production had added more Spanish, which is really appropriate if you think about it, since the assimilation of the Puerto Ricans into the very xenophobic culture of New York in the 1950s is an important part of the story.

So, I started Friday with a migraine, medicated that away eventually, slept a good part of the day, then went to the Theater. Is it any wonder that after getting home around 11:00, enjoying a little midnight snack before bed, I did not want to get up early to go for my scheduled six mile tempo run? The early start would have been necessary because we needed to leave by 8:00 to head to Huntington Beach to visit our grandsons and see them play in their little league baseball game!

So, instead of the run, we slept in a little, then packed and took off for Orange County. We had fun watching Cash and Dane play ball, and even though their team lost, we got to see Cash get a hit (and an RBI!).



After the game, while their dad took them to the post-game pizza party, their mom, Lisa, Alan, and I went to the Loving Hut, a vegan restaurant, for lunch. Loving Hut is part of a chain of restaurants, and I’d never been there, so I was excited to give it a try.


Alan had the special, a sandwich made with tofurkey, which he enjoyed. I had the  Be Veg Burger, a soy patty with onions, barbecue sauce, to which I added avocado. Lisa ordered the Lemongrass..something (?) which she did not enjoy. It had a fishy flavor, which I think was intended, but Lisa didn’t realize when she ordered it (she saw someone in the restaurant eating it and thought it looked good).



Overall, I was somewhat disappointed with the Loving Hut. The food took a long time to be served, even though we were the only ones waiting at that point. And then, it was served one dish at a time, which is not really good service. I’m sorry that I was not more enthusiastic, because I wanted to love the Loving Hut. There are few enough vegan restaurants in this world; I really want to support the ones that exist.

After lunch, we went back to the house, and hung with our family. Alan took the boys to the beach, while I stayed and chatted with Lisa. Lisa’s vegan dinner was much tastier and healthier that the restaurant version.

Before going to bed, we put our clocks forward. I was already questioning my long run the next day. Losing an hour would make for a later start, and we had another big day ahead (and another grandson to visit).

Without an alarm clock, Alan and I woke up at 6:00, which was now actually 7:00. Alan has a tradition of walking with the twins to Starbucks when we visit. He buys hot chocolate for them, and coffee for us. A little adventure lay in store for the boys though: On the walk back, they found someone’s purse laying on the curb. Alan thought it looked like someone may have stepped out of the passenger side of a car and (perhaps being somewhat intoxicated?) not noticed that she’d dropped her purse.

When he got home, he looked through the purse and found the wallet. A young woman, 25 years old according to her driver’s license, with very little in her bag. Besides the license, she had a credit card, a couple business cards, and a AAA card. I googled her name while Alan called AAA. I had no luck on the internet (it’s not as easy as it used to be, everyone wants money to give you a phone number these days), but the AAA person was very helpful. She would call the young lady, tell her Alan had her purse, and give her his phone number.

Two minutes later, we heard a ringing from the purse. We hadn’t seen it, but there was a much battered cell phone tucked away. Alan answered, told AAA that it was just him, but at least with a cell phone we knew we’d find some points of contact.

First, Alan looked up her mother (my googling had discovered that daughter and presumably mother shared the address that was on the driver’s license).  He left a message (it was still pretty early, only about 8:00 by now).

He then looked through her recent call log, and called someone on that list. When he told the young man who answered that he’d found the purse, Alan was asked, “was it at Hurricane’s (a local bar)?” Alan told him the story of finding the purse, and told him that he could meet him to give him the purse. Before doing that, Alan called the mother back. He found out that she’d just picked up her daughter from the hospital, where she’d been taken for alcohol poisoning. Truly a sad story, we really hope that things turn out okay for this girl we’ve never met.

By this time, it was close to 9:00. Our hearts weren’t in the run, but we headed out anyway. I’d already decided to cut back the distance. It was a short day anyway, and I wanted to head south to San Diego to visit our infant grandson as soon as possible. As it turned out, both Alan and I were dragging on the run, and ended up turning around at a mile and a half. Talk about long run fail.



Even with cutting the run short, we didn’t get to San Diego until almost 2:00. We spent a wonderful few hours with my son and daughter-in-law, and of course, Samuel, our 14 week old grandson. He is growing so fast! He has a wonderful disposition, always smiling, laughing, and cooing, and he’s sleeping well through the night. What a difference three weeks makes at that age. We had a great visit.






Well, I have to say that it was worth giving up my training for the weekend. I was so excited and happy to spend time with my family, to see West Side Story, not to mention, to give my body a break. Now I am ready and excited to get back at it this coming week. I promise that my recap report for next week will be much better.

How did your training go this week?

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  1. says

    I would say your days of rest were time well spent. It never hurts to take a physical and mental vacation every once in awhile.
    How sad about that girl and her purse! It’s good to know there are honest people in the world still though.
    And as usual I’m having beach envy. Although we didn’t get our weekend snow dump, I sure wouldn’t mind some sun and sand. Take care!
    Martha recently posted…Monday Funday — Menu Mapping and MusingsMy Profile

    • says

      What really, I’m not sure if bothers is the word, but it kind of upsets me that we’ll never know how the story turns out. I didn’t mention it in the post, but my husband kind of counseled (coached?) the mom after she told him about her daughter being hospitalized, and encouraged her to do something to help her. I hope that she does, but will probably never know because it was just one of those random moments of connection that we have in our lives.
      Debbie recently posted…Weekly Training Recap: Failure or Rest? And What I did Instead of RunningMy Profile

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