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I have frequently whined spoken here about my busy days at the fitness center where I work. In addition to managing the center and training clients, I also teach fitness classes. And frankly, because I work hard during these classes, I sweat. A lot. Because there is no time to shower after each class I sometimes feel like when I put my work clothes back on after class I don’t, er, smell quite as fresh as I’d like.

That is why I was excited to have an opportunity to try ShowerPill: The Athletic Body Wipe. ShowerPill is a large, anti-bacterial wipe designed to keep you clean while on the go. Perfect!

In case you’re wondering why an athletic wipe is called a “Pill,” there is actually a story behind it. The ShowerPill was created by three college football teammates, who, as students, were always going from practice, to class, to weightlifting, to practice, etc., without always having time to shower in between each activity. They wanted to design something that would keep them fresh, and, when they found out about the risk of athletes acquiring MRSA and other staph infections, decided to create a wipe that would kill 99.9% of all germs on the body, have moisturizing ingredients, and be easy to transport. The name “Shower Pill” actually came from an old inside joke among athletes wishing that they had a pill to instantly clean their body. Well, now they do.

I had my first chance to try the ShowerPill after a strength class I taught today. When I first took it out of its small package, I was surprised at how big and plush it was. I’ve used facial wipes for the same purpose in the past, but they are small and thin. I was expecting something similar, but the ShowerPill is more like a washcloth that a towelette. It has a nice fresh scent, and is moist enough to use on your entire body (if you so desire).

I definitely felt fresher after using the ShowerPill. It has aloe and vitamin E to help keep your skin moisturized and it dries quickly. As stated above, it kills 99.9% off all germs and it comes individually wrapped in its own easy to open package, so it’s easy to drop in your purse or gym bag.

Not only do I have to go from class to work, I also would like to feel fresh on days I take a run then head off to yoga class, on lazy days after a bike ride when it takes me a while to hop in the shower, or on those hot summer days when, even though I’m not exercising, I still get sweaty and hot. And I sure could have used the ShowerPill during cross country season when I was running around during an event, coaching the team and putting some mileage in.

If ShowerPill sounds like something that would help your fitness lifestyle, they are hosting a Black Friday sale on BUY TWO (2), GET ONE (1) FREE

Simply place 3 boxes in the shopping cart and enter code: SPFRIDAY to receive the 3rd box free. Offer is valid through the weekend (11/23/12-11/25/12)

What do you do to stay fresh when there’s no time to shower after a workout?

I was sent samples of ShowerPill to review at no cost to me as a FitFluential Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

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    I’ve tried several brands and types of wipes, since I end up using them almost daily, but kept getting skin irritation or rashes from most of them after repeated use. Regardless of hypoallergenic or “baby wipe” labels, most of them caused me skin problems over time. I couldn’t find one particular ingredient that caused it, unfortunately. Finally, though, through trial and error, I found that the CVS store brand unscented wipes don’t irritate my skin. It’s vexing that unscented baby wipes cause me rashes while plain old soap, or alcohol hand sanitizer, doesn’t. So I keep trying.

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