CIF Cross Country, Malibu Marathon and a Shiner! (Part 1)

Did I mention that I gave myself a black eye last week? No, because I felt pretty dumb about it. In a hurry, as always, I was leaving work, getting into my car. As I stretched my right arm across the front seat to put my purse in the passenger seat, I managed to pull the door with my left hand, hitting with the corner right below my left eye. It hurt. A lot. I’m happy it didn’t actually hit my eye, but I’ve been dealing with the swelling, bruising and (a little) discomfort all week. I have found there are two types of people: those who will ask you how you got your black eye, and those who won’t.

Saturday, our varsity girls team competed in the CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) Cross Country Semifinals at Mt. San Antonia College. They earned the opportunity by finishing fourth in our league.

We led a caravan of parents to the race (Alan and I needed to drive to Malibu afterward, so this was the best way). Quite a different experience to drive to an event for one race. We got there, they warmed up, raced, and we were done.

The senior on the far right? I love her!

Before the race, the girls are checked to make sure that they all match, are wearing no jewelry, no logo-ed head bands or other dis-allowed accessories. Then they head to the start line.

It was quite an experience. The girls did great, but this was our final stop. I’m so proud of them, and at the same time I am so sad. Five of the girls are seniors, which means I have to say goodbye to them, which makes me sad and happy at the same time.

The team

The seniors

After the race, the girls left with their parents, and Alan and I headed west toward Malibu, where he would be announcing the Malibu Marathon and Half Marathon the next day.

More on that tomorrow, but for now, I will leave you with a taste, a video of the start of the half marathon, about 2300 runners crossing the start line, plus a great rendition of the National Anthem for this Veteran’s Day (the singer was also running the race–he earned a spot at the front!).

Coming tomorrow:

An interesting city councilman

A missed meeting between bloggers

A vegan celebrity and author (who I also missed).

So, how was your weekend? Any racing going on?

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    Oh no!!! You poor thing giving yourself a black eye!!! Youchiez!!!!!! That’s awful! Atleast you look tough!! ;o) have a super duper day!!!!!

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    so sorry to hear about your eye.. I definitely would’ve been one of those people that asked what happened haha. Your team looked like they did great at their race this weekend!

  3. says

    I’m definitely the type of person who would ask about your black eye! Congrats on the girls making it so far! I work with ASB kids, so I know what it is like having to say goodbye to them.
    Mo recently posted…iWeekendMy Profile

  4. says

    Congrats to you and your girls!

    I’m very sorry I missed the Malibu race, didn’t even know it was going on! I didn’t race this weekend, but did a 5 mile trail run on Friday and a 6 mile trail run on Sunday in preparation for the Spartan Beast this Saturday in Sacramento. Should be raining, which will be loads of fun.
    Jonathan Aluzas recently posted…Food For Fitness: Roasted Sweet Potato SaladMy Profile

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    Awesome job girls! I was wondering why can’t they wear jewelry or logo-ed headbands? I ran track in high school and we never had any restrictions like that.
    Sylvia @ Frolic Through Life recently posted…InspirationMy Profile

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    Oh, I also forgot to add that I gave myself a black eye this week too. I walked into the doorway coming out of the bathroom. I felt like a real winner. haha
    Sylvia @ Frolic Through Life recently posted…InspirationMy Profile

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