Sweaty Saturday: Cross Country Meet

Two things. First, this will be a short post because I’m pooped. Second, don’t worry, even though my life seems to revolve around cross country this time of year, I will not be posting about our meets each week. Only every other week (kidding!).

The cross country team had their first invitational meet this morning, at Cal Poly in Pomona. The races started at 8:00, so we had to leave our school in Palm Desert at 5:00. Amazingly, everyone was on time (including the bus, which doesn’t always happen).

The key for the bus ride is to bring a pillow. Bus seats aren’t very comfortable, and it’s early, so taking a nap is a great solution for a long bus ride. It takes the team about 15 minutes to settle down, then suddenly it is very quiet on the bus. I felt a little too caffeinated this morning and couldn’t sleep, but I did lay down for most of the ride.

The bus was a little shaky.

We had a great bus driver. Friendly and fast. She got us there in less than two hours. That left about an hour to get settled, get the first team warmed up, pick up our packets. It was such a joy to get off the bus and feel the cool temperatures (in the 70s probably). We knew the team would run well.

I didn’t take many pictures (I had a team mom for that!), but I couldn’t resist these guys. The course went right by their pasture, and they would get excited and run along with the runners. (I was too slow, I didn’t excite them.)

And they did! Without going into detail about each race (like I said, it has been a long day and I’m tired), we were very proud of the team. We are runners from a small school in a relatively small area, and we were competing against some of the bigger schools in the Los Angeles/Riverside area. They did great!

Cross country girls are the best posers!

I try to run from point to point during the races, to coach and cheer the team on. This wasn’t an especially spectator friendly course, but I certainly did get a lot of running in (as did my Team Mom, also a runner). We both got about five miles, which I think is a record for me at a meet. I’m quite happy about that.

We finished up about 11:30, then it was time for the long ride home. It was about 90 degrees in Pomona heading toward 102 in Palm Desert. We were in a school bus. Not a fun ride.

Truer words were never written.

A quick stop for lunch meant another disappointment. We always stop in Banning where there are several fast food joints and plenty of room for bus parking. For years, Alan and I would head down the street a bit where sat a Starbucks/Subway combination. A veggie sandwich and an iced coffee, perfect fast lunch. But we found out that they had closed the Subway (and moved it a mile down the street, not an option for this tired coach). Fortunately, having used what Alan calls the “Wife App” I had packed enough food to tide us over, including a vegan lentil wrap that I’d picked up at Trader Joe’s the day before. Hurray for planning for everything!

We finally got back to the school about 2:30, transferred our gear to our car and got home about 3:00. Where we’ve kind of sat around for the last couple hours, recovering. We have to do it all over again next week, after all!

How is your weekend going?



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    my weekend is going great. i got myself a yoga mat and started looking at different on demand videos! so exciting!!! i also had a fun bonfire with friends last night, which is great! i love the pic of the horses that you posted. they are gorgeous!! im glad the meet went well, i can’t imagine that hot bus ride though! yeeeck!!! happy sunday, mama laquinta!

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    Nice to see your team did well! I never ran cross country in high school. I always thought the people that ran that far was crazy haha… Obviously my mind has changed since then.

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      We have left runners behind before, but usually when they are so late that there is no hope. Unlike college students, most hs kids don’t have cars (not that all college students do either). It’s true though that being left behind one time is enough to teach you to be on time :-).
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