Why I Need a @GoPro

A couple of days ago, I saw a video that inspired me. It was on Just A Colorado Gal’s blog and it was a video of Heather’s experience in the Warrior Dash. It was well done, great clarity and color, and considering she was running, jumping, and climbing, not to mention sloshing through mud, there was very little shake. It was beautifully edited by a friend, and it was an all around excellent video that really made you feel like you were there.

Her great video was taken with a Go Pro, an awesome little camera that you can mount on your body, helmet, handlebars, dashboard, wherever, and take fabulous, in the moment pictures and videos.

As I said, I was inspired. Of course, I don’t have a Go Pro, so I strapped my Iphone to my arm, turned on the video camera, and went for a run. The results were, um, uninspiring.

(I know this is bad. You won’t hurt my feelings by telling me so.)

I really need a Go Pro.


This inspired me too.

To see Heather’s video, click here.

Do you have a Go Pro? Aren’t they cool? Do you ever try to video while you’re actively participating in an event?

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      I know! It looks very cool. I’ve had some friends who were cyclists who videoed their rides (don’t know if they used the Go Pro), but Heather’s video really shows what you can do with it.
      Debbie recently posted…Why I Need a Go ProMy Profile

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      You’re welcome. I loved your video Like I said, it inspired me, not to do a Warrior dash, though that looks fun too, but to create action video. I have so many things on my “I want” list right now, not sure if it will happen in the near future, but a girl can dream, can’t she?
      Debbie recently posted…Why I Need a @GoProMy Profile

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      Wow, some of my commenters are such liars! Kidding! Thanks, but think how awesome it could have been. (I’ve got a birthday in a couple months. When my hubby asks me what I want, I’m directing him here!)
      Debbie recently posted…Why I Need a @GoProMy Profile

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