Wednesday Workout: Answering Your Questions

For today’s Wednesday Workout, I will be answering your fitness questions! I’ll field a few that I have heard recently, then feel free to ask any (fitness related) questions in the comment section and I’ll do my best to answer. Actually, you can ask almost any question, except maybe car repair questions and I’ll answer.

You might say that I am answering questions today because I am unprepared for the usual Wednesday Workout. Or that I am lazy and just didn’t want to work out. Well, you’d be right wrong! Well, you’d be kind of right. I had a plan this morning to video my run, but, as you’ll see tomorrow in my post, “Why I Need a GoPro,” it just didn’t work out.

Someone left some love for my run this morning.

#1 From Confused Carl: “I saw this on a blog the other day, and it told me to do one thing, then I read somewhere else to do the opposite. So really, what should I do first, cardio or strength?”

Ah, the question of the decade, as difficult to answer as whether the chicken or the egg came first. And the answer will be…whatever works for you.

Frequently trainers will recommend to their clients that they do their strength training first, while they are fresh and strong, and can deal with lifting heavy weights before tiring themselves out with their cardio.

My opinion is that it varies, depending on your goals. And by goals, I mean not only overall, but daily and weekly goals as well. For example, say you are a marathon runner who has added strength training to your program. Yes, you want to get strong. But what is your priority? If it is running, then get on the treadmill and do your miles while you are fresh and finish with some moderate strength training (note: I wouldn’t recommend strength training after a long run, but this may come up on other, more moderate distance, days of the week).

Or, say you are that same runner, but today you are coming to lift some serious weight, complete a tough core circuit, and have an easy run day. In that case, I’d suggest doing the weights first (after a warm up), because they are your priority for the day.

So, think about what your priorities are. Then you will know what to do first.


Another kind of love this morning on the run, a beautiful sunrise.

#2 From Clumsy Carla (no, miz, I’m not talking about you): “Do you think I should do yoga? I’d be really bad at it. I can’t touch my toes. I’m just not bendy. Plus, my balance is terrible.”

I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, but did you hear what you just said? Those are exactly the things that yoga is excellent for! I know you might have images of a class full of super bendy yogis, standing on their heads in full splits, but unless you’re in the advanced class (which, ahem, I wouldn’t recommend for you yet), you will be surrounded by people just like you!

Yoga is a total body miracle workout. It will make you stronger, more flexible, and more balanced (both on one foot and in life in general). It will calm your mind, help you set priorities, and teach you to breathe (no, you don’t already know how to breathe).

Speaking of super bendy, you might not want to go this far:

#3 From Soppy Sam: “My buds tell me that hitting the beer garden after a race is the best thing for recovery. Is that true?”

Sorry, Charlie, er, Sam. Not so much. You may have been told that the carbs in beer make it a great post-workout drink, but I’m sorry to tell you that it is a poor choice. Beer is a natural diuretic, which is the opposite of what you need after a workout. Beer will make you lose more water instead of replenishing what you’ve already lost.  The little bit of potassium that beer has is much better supplied by a glass of orange juice or real food accompanied with a glass of water.

So, there you have it. Whether you watched the video or read the text (or both..I love you), you have my answers. Do you agree? If not, let me know. You can also tell me if you do agree, I like that :-). Do you have any questions that you’d like answered? Promise, I’ll do my best.

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  1. says

    Excellent! The yoga one is obviously true, but I always assumed weights go first (unless I’m angry and need to run it out!) – maybe not so – I appreciate it :-)

    Ok, my question for you: How do you know when you need to stop? I’m not talking about injury, but rather, if you’re exhausted or don’t feel right, do you push through your workout, or can that be dangerous?
    Kate recently posted…Runner BrainMy Profile

    • says

      You’d think that yoga thing would be obvious, but I hear it a lot.

      If you’re working out and feeling totally exhausted, it is probably better to stop. Only you know your body, but pushing through can potentially lead to injury. You kind of have to be the judge, is the regular tiredness, is the workout just hard and my body is rebelling, or am I really too tired to go on. Giving it up once is not going to hurt your overall training.

      Now, if this happens more than once or regularly, you might need to consider if you are overtraining. Exhaustion is a symptom. Also, not sleeping or sleeping too much, diminishing results, loss of appetite, weight loss or gain, soreness (more symptoms here:
      Debbie recently posted…Wednesday Workout: Answering Your QuestionsMy Profile

      • says

        Thanks Debbie. It was more a general question – because there are those days where you just want to stop! Over-training is serious thing though – so I definitely am keeping my eyes open :-)
        Kate recently posted…Spring and an Incredible Reason to RunMy Profile

  2. says

    that IS ME :-) the clumsy carla the ImaMess Miz and yet Im so so so sticking with it too.
    great answer.
    I went yesterday :)
    MizFit recently posted…OIL PULLING part DEUX.My Profile

  3. says

    Yep, workouts are all about what works for you and what your fitness goals are. These vary among all. Find out what your goals are and then you can figure the rest out for how to get there!
    Katie @wishandwhimsy recently posted…Fitness & Finances.My Profile

  4. says

    i love the little q and a session!! do these more often!!!! :o) SPA LOVE!

  5. says

    i love the things we tell ourselves to justify them :) oh if I drink beer post race i’ll recovery quickly. I probably apply this to chocolate since I don’t drink.

    Love the first answer about picking what’s most important so you can put your energy there first
    Amanda @RunToTheFinish recently posted…You’re Naked…can we come in?My Profile

  6. says

    Hmm I don’t think strength training or cardio should come first. The most effective way I’ve found is to combine them both in high intensity interval training. However, this does vary, depending on your goals. When training for a marathon or race cardio is definitely most important. If you’re goal is just to get in better shape I would say do quick intervals mixing plyometrics and weights and you’ll be pleased with the results.
    Noelle McKenzie recently posted…Kern’s killer cardio workoutMy Profile

  7. says

    So funny that you just posted here. I was just reading your post and getting ready to comment there :-)

    I think HIIT has its place, but some experts say that it is a kind of workout that is best done a couple times a week at most. That being said, it is an excellent way to burn some fat and get very fit.

    Everybody is different and every body is different, so I say do what works for you and what you enjoy doing.
    Debbie recently posted…Wednesday Workout: Answering Your QuestionsMy Profile

  8. says

    I love these questions and answers! I totally agree that you should do what works for you. Since I am a runner I am definitely going to get my miles in before I do anything else. But I also need to do more strength training. And yoga! :-)
    Mindy @Road Runner Girl recently posted…Hurricane Road Trip!My Profile

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