Waiting for the Big Announcement

I’m sitting here in my living room waiting for my phone to ring. At about 5:30, my son and daughter-in-law, Nathan and Sarah, are going to call, put me on speaker phone, while they make the announcement about the gender of my grandchild!

At the wedding last November

Their appointment was last Monday, and they’ve somehow sat on the information for five days! They live in San Diego, and they will have family gathered around them as they make the announcement. Unfortunately, I had to work today and couldn’t make the two and a half hour drive in time to be there.

So, I’m sitting here, right next to my phone, waiting for their call. Reminiscing just a little bit.

Nathan and Sarah met a few years ago at work. I loved her from the start. She is beautiful, charming, nice (never underrate nice, especially when they are dating your son).  They were married last November, in San Diego. (Click through, lots of beautiful bride photos!)

We like to tease Sarah that she had her first wife “test” last Christmas Eve, when they were visiting for the holiday. In the middle of the night, Nathan was suddenly having such extreme abdominal pain that she had to rush him to the hospital (in an area she was really a stranger to), where he had to have his gallbladder removed on Christmas Day. Believe me, she passed with flying colors!

It was late March of this year when we were in Encinitas for the weekend and we got together with Sarah and Nathan for dinner that they made the announcement that they were expecting a baby in November. (I’ve got good instincts, I kind of guessed)

Sarah and Alan

Sarah and Alan, after the pregnancy announcement.

The baby is due on November 30. I am kind of excited to know that whatever the gender, my grandchild’s middle name will be Lee, which is my middle name (and Nathan’s too).

For now, I am waiting, waiting, waiting.

And, it’s a….

Boy!!! Samuel Lee. I’m going to have a grandSON!

It may not be as fascinating to you as it is to me, but I can look at my grandson for hours :-)

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