Wednesday Workout: Workin’ the Plank

As I’ve mentioned, I’m doing a couple of fitness challenges this month. One of them, Tara Burner’s Plank, Push Up, and Squat challenge was the inspiration behind this vlog, Plank Variations. (I also was inspired to post my day one pushup results.)

Planks are wonderful, core strengthening exercises that seem to have had a resurgence in popularity recently as we focus our efforts on stabilization and functionality in our exercise choices. Nothing wrong with a washboard stomach, but the underlying goal in our abdominal exercise should be to not only strengthen the rectus abdominus (the six-pack muscles), and the internal and external obliques, but also the transverse abdominus (which wraps around the torso like a girdle and assists with spinal stabilization as well as respiration.

The plank, especially with the variations shown in the video, works all the muscles of the torso, plus can strengthen the arms, wrists, shoulders and chest. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s plank!

It’s not too late! Join the Plank, Push Up, and Squat Challenge! Or, if you’d rather just stick with the fabulous plank, try the Plank a Day Challenge. It’s all good.

Did you do your plank today?

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    Great to have this because I want to try a plank streak at some time and love the variations. Book marked:)
    Abby @ BackAtSquareZero recently posted…Ouch!My Profile

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      The variations actually made it easier to hold the plank, changing the position, switching from front to side. It was a bit of a challenge to lift my leg on that last side plank though!
      Debbie recently posted…Wednesday Workout: Workin’ the PlankMy Profile

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      You’re welcome. I love planks. I love that when I told my cross country team that they would get out of the third set of core if they could hold their plank for 90 seconds, they still could barely do it. Not that that is good, but they are about 25 years younger than I am and I kicked their butt :-)
      Debbie recently posted…Wednesday Workout: Workin’ the PlankMy Profile


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