Yoga Welcomed Me Back with Open Arms

I made it to yoga class today. I’d been away from the studio for a couple weeks, traveling, nursing first a migraine, then a pinched nerve in my shoulder. I managed to get in a couple at home workouts, using my audios, which I love, but it is still not the same as a live instructor teaching, kicking your butt encouraging, and peeling you off the floor nurturing you. Especially when that instructor is April Jones, owner of Yoga Central.

April Jones

April is a former dancer who brings that mindset to her vinyasa practice. If you enjoy a smoothly choreographed class, flowing, yet challenging for all levels, with a lot of variety, you would love her classes. I walk out of class tired but invigorated and lighthearted, actually feeling the hot desert air cool me off, my hair curly from the body heat and sweat.

Childs Pose

We started today’s class in child pose while we brought our focus to our breathing and upcoming practice. That was the last time we were still until Savasana, 90 minutes later.  This isn’t hot or Bikrim yoga, but she keeps the room at about 85 degrees, plenty hot enough for me (I get to class early so I can have a spot under the fans!).

Yoga Central

I felt like yoga welcomed me back with open arms. The class today was hard, and April always challenges us to try something new (today it was Firefly). She says if you don’t try, you’ll never do it (true). She also says, it’s only yoga! You try. If you fail, you go on, then you try again. And eventually, you succeed. It may be only yoga, but that sounds a lot like life to me.

It felt so good to be back in class. My shoulder was fine. I felt a bit of a twinge in side plank (on my left side, not the problem side!), but I just skipped that pose for today. Other than that, I feel great! So happy to be back and planning on heading to Lisa’s class tomorrow.


PS I did run (with Penny, my Dalmatian) four miles before class (weekend warrior, yo!). I wanted to share this photo because our shadow was so distinct on the run today that it fooled Penny into thinking there was another dog running parallel to us across the wash. My picture doesn’t quite do it justice (to take a running photo, you really have to be running, which makes snapping pics a challenge), but it still kind of fun. Instagram is down today, so I need to post it here.

How is your weekend going? Did you know that it is Vegan Pizza Day today? I’m heading to the kitchen to make my own right now. Stay tuned for some yummy looking photos in my next post.

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