Ventura Bound

I’m on my way to Ventura, where Alan is announcing the Breath of Life Triathlon tomorrow. I feel great today, probably a result of post-migraine euphoria.

Before leaving, I took Penny on a two mile run because we’ll be gone all weekend and I feel bad when she doesn’t get her run (and you should see the looks she gives me!)

After a week of feeling sluggish on the run, I felt fresh and fast this morning. Of course, these days for me that means an average nine minute mile. It was probably knowing that I had only two miles to run, but I pushed it from the beginning. It sure made Penny happy.


This is one of those typical Life of a Race Announcer gigs. Our accommodations are at the Ventura Motel 6, Alan will be at the venue by about 5 am, and I, after sleeping in a little, will run to the Ventura Harbor, where the race is held, and hang out until the race is over.

Sleeping in is an option I don’t usually have this time of year. Now that summer is here, and the temperature is up around 108, procrastination is not an option.

The forecast for Ventura is a high of 68. That’s 40 degrees cooler! I was pulling out all the fleece when packing this morning.

After the event tomorrow, Alan and I are heading to Santa Barbara to stay with an old friend of his (who he hasn’t seen in 30 years!). I’m sure the accommodations will be a lot nicer. We plan to take our hosts to a fairly new vegan restaurant in SB called Adama, which has received some rave reviews (thanks Happycow!). The menu looks awesome.

That’s all for now. Since I am writing this on my phone and just finished driving for 90 miles, we are now approaching Pasadena, where the temperature is a cool 73. Brrrr! (Believe me, that’s a happy brrrr.)

Have a great weekend! What are your plans?

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