Wednesday Workout: Core Challenge Vlog #3

Here is part three of my four part video workout challenge (here are Part 1 and Part 2). Today’s workout focuses on the lower body and core, with an added balance challenge.  Enjoy!

For those of you who have commented that I look confident in these vlogs, I thank you. I have been shy my entire life, though over the years I’ve overcome many of the issues that used to make me vomit before having to speak in front of people. It still challenges me though, even though it is just a little video camera that I am speaking to. I have appreciated every bit of feedback that I have been given. I hope you will continue to be honest and give me ideas for improvement.

That being said, a question. What software is used to create an intro that can be used for each video? I have imovie (on my iphone), but haven’t figured it out yet. The little editing that I have done so far has been using Video Editor, a free iphone app. I want to get better. Help! And thanks.

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  1. vicky cook says

    You move like a dancer and you have a voice I could listen to all day. I need help working on my core, I think I just found it! I think this is part 3? Off to find parts 1 and 2.

  2. says

    well you certainly don’t come off as shy!! btw, I am going to be doing your workout this weekend! I don’t get much core work in, it is always an afterthought in my strength training classes….and it is my goal to strengthen my core this year!

    thank you!!
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