Finally! A Daughter!

Sorry to give away the ending, but:

So, obviously, I was at a wedding this weekend. The great news is that it was my son’s wedding! He married the love of his life, Sarah, and he (and I) couldn’t be happier.

The wedding was on Saturday. Alan and I headed to San Diego on Friday, along with my other son, who hitched a ride. We were due at the rehearsal by 4;30 at St.Brigid’s Catholic Church in Pacific Beach. While I wanted to be on time, I wasn’t really sweating it, thinking that as the mother of the groom, my part was small. I would be escorted to my seat, then would sit down and enjoy the wedding.

Little did I know that in a Catholic ceremony, the mothers of the bride and groom have a special part to play. I led the processional, then along with the mother of the bride, bowed before the altar, then we both stood in front of the crowd and lit a candle before returning to our seats.

I finally had the opportunity to meet my FDiL’s family (that’s future daughter in law, btw). They are lovely people and I’ll be happy to get to know them better. Sarah’s brother was doing the photography, and he was wonderful. I think that actually loving your subject adds an extra nuance to his photos.

I was told to be at the church by noon, an hour before the ceremony. That gave me the opportunity to watch the bride and her bridesmaids complete their last minute preparation. I also managed to hop in on some of the photo ops that the photographer set up.

That's my niece, Brynne, on the far right.

I love this photo of my niece.

Sarah was the surprise, later in life baby, and her older sister was 18 when she was born. I happened to catch sight of her as Sarah walked down the aisle, her face was so expressive of the love and happiness that she felt for her little sister.

It was a wonderful ceremony. As you’ll see in the photos below, the bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome, and the mother of the groom was one hot mama:

Sarah’s sister sang with a lovely, clear voice. Everything went completely smoothly. Believe it or not, I did not sneak my camera in, so no photos of the ceremony (with the exception of the phone shot of the kiss, and, of course, the professional photos). The weather, while chilly, held off the rain until early the following morning. The mostly cloudy skies made for great photo weather, though. The phone also caught this shot:

After photos with the families and wedding party, Sarah and Nathan, along with the photographer (her brother, remember), took off for a “Photo Safari” around San Diego. The plan was to take pictures of the happy couple at some favorite and famous sites around the city. I love to imagine the smiles on peoples faces as they watched the two pose. Everyone loves a bride.

Photo credit: Kevin Whaley

Meanwhile, we (Alan, myself, my other son David, Brynne, my sister, Lisa, and her husband, Bill) enjoyed a way overdressed lunch at Subway, then headed back to our respective hotels to relax (take off those four inch heels!) before the 6:00 reception.

The reception was held at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse on Harbor Island in San Diego (strategically placed just a half mile from our hotel). As an example of what a wonderful daughter in law that I now have, Sarah arranged, at a restaurant known for their seafood, steak, and prime rib, for Alan and me to have a vegan meal. See why I love her?

Bad picture, but great food. Portabella mushrooms, asparagus, and other veggies, cooked En Papillote, served with rice. Yummy.

Nice reception, I got to dance with my son, Alan did a toast, we got to know Sarah’s family better, and best part, I got this video of my sister dancing:

More shots from the reception:

Mother and son

My sister Lisa and her husband Bill

The happy couple

I am so happy that my son has found the woman of his dreams. I was so pleased to see how much in love Sarah and Nathan are. I am glad that I have new family that is interesting, kind, and fun to be around.

Most of all, I am thrilled that I finally have a daughter.

A few more wedding pictures:

How was your weekend?

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