I’m So Excited!

I don’t usually write about work-related things, but I’m pretty excited about this and I want to share.  If you read my blog, you know that I am a personal trainer (in fact, just changed certifications), and that I’m the Fitness Director at a country club here in the desert. Our fitness center is around 8,000 square feet, with a standard fitness room with machines and free weight equipment, and a large exercise/multipurpose room, where we have group exercise classes as well as meetings, cooking demonstrations, club gatherings, etc. Our classes include the basics like aerobics, yoga, mat Pilates, and we also have T’ai Chi, stretching and sculpting classes. We also have two treatment rooms, where we offer massage, body scrubs, and facials. It really is a very nice center.

The reason that I am so excited is because we have decided to purchase our first Pilates Reformer!

While the reformer may look like an instrument of torture, it is actually an innovative piece of fitness equipment with bars, straps, boxes, handles, and jump boards, that allows you to do an infinite variety of exercises either laying down, sitting, kneeling, or standing. With its sliding platform, spring resistance, and adjustable straps, the reformer works to develop your fitness in every possible way: endurance, strength, flexibility, speed, agility, and coordination.

You can purchase, as we are, a basic studio reformer, you can add a tower which offers an additional array of exercises, or you can go all out and purchase the cadillac of reformers, the, er, Cadillac.

I will be hiring a couple experienced Pilates instructors, but, as the director, I also need to be able to do some basic teaching, as well as explain the benefits and demonstrate the reformer’s capabilities. To that end, I will be taking a level one reformer module, which is offered by Balanced Body, the organization from which we are purchasing our reformer. They fortunately allow one to sign up for each module individually, so that you can spread out what is a long and somewhat expensive course of study. By completing module one, I will be capable of teaching beginning level students. Because of my fitness background, I meet most of the requirements to sign up for such a course.

Yes, I said most of the requirements. One important prerequisite of taking the module one course is having had 30 sessions, either private or in a class format, on the reformer. Oops! Roadblock. Yes, I have the fitness background. No, I had never, ever, been on a reformer.

Fortunately, sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know. I am so lucky to be a friend and coworker to a woman who, not only is a personal trainer and Pilates instructor, also has access to several reformers, which are very underused during these summer months in the desert. This lovely lady not only offered to teach me on the reformer, she is doing it at no cost to me! I’ve been meeting her twice a week at her fitness center, where she takes me through an hour of challenging, yet fun, Pilates training.

By the way, this is the same woman who hired me six years ago, then left to take on new challenges while I was promoted to replace her. So basically, I love her. And I owe her. Big time. I can only hope that she is enjoying our time together, where we are not only working out, teaching me Pilates, but chatting and catching up as well. Is that a good trade off?

So, while I don’t have my class scheduled yet, I’m starting to feel a little more prepared. I also have a couple of good leads for Pilates instructors, including someone I met at the class I attended last weekend.  Networking. You’ve got to love it.

Obviously, I’ll keep you informed.


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