Update on Sassy

We just returned from our visit to the vet with Sassy. Since I wrote my last post, she has not had another seizure. She had the first three about 18 hours apart, so we were expecting her to have another about 5:00 this morning. It didn’t happen. We are hopeful that we have seen the last of them. To watch her you wouldn’t even guess that she is ill. She is in good spirits, has energy, and seems just fine and healthy.

Anyway, the vet. After a brief examination, we described her seizures. We also asked about the low thyroid that was never treated after her last exam. The doctor said that there were no obvious physical signs of what could be wrong, and that he wanted to see what her blood work said. He said that although theoretically a thyroid problem could cause a seizure, he had never seen it happen. He left to check her blood work.

When he returned, he told us that the thyroid was really low (it should be between one and four, and Sassy’s is .2). I was kind of surprised by that because she is such a high-energy dog with no weight problems. He did want to take more blood, because that last blood test was in March. He said that we should treat the low thyroid, whether or not it was the cause of the seizures, and that we should treat the seizures, ie, the symptoms, even though we weren’t sure of the cause, because of the severeness of her attacks. He prescribed phenobarbital for that.

He also suggested that we buy some Ester Vitamin C and alfalfa tablets. He said that they couldn’t hurt, and that they might help. I always appreciate a doctor who offers some natural solutions, so we picked some up on the way home.

Alan asked about the scariest thing, the one disease that pops up when you google “Dog Seizure Causes,” that terrified both of us. Brain tumor. The vet simply said that they don’t generally start there. If, after a month on the medication she doesn’t improve, we can think about getting an MRI. We are hoping that it won’t be necessary.

So, while we don’t have a complete answer, we feel much better. Sassy seems to feel much better, too. Please send some good vibes her way. She’ll give you a hug next time she sees you.

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  1. says

    awwww…I’m so sorry to hear of sweet Sassy’s ills. I wish her a FULL recovery and many more years of tail wagging. Please give her a scratch behind the ears from me. xo

  2. coach woodruff says

    that picture of her with the googles on is my favorite ..it says everything about “my girl” that needs to be said..if you give her “good vibes” I promise a hug from her next time..promise!!!

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