Say It Isn’t So, Native Foods!

Edit (August 24) I have heard from informed sources that the Native Foods in Palm Desert will not reopen in its old location. They are looking for a new location but as of this time, have not found one.

My response to that? Come on, Native Foods! Don’t abandon us now that you are growing out of state. Don’t forget your roots.

Edit: Native Foods responded to my Facebook plea, saying that they were just closed until Labor Day, which is 54 days, 19 hours, and eight minutes from now, so I may have overreacted a wee bit. All will be okay in my world again.

I have just heard the worst news! A friend just posted on Facebook that the Native Foods in Palm Desert was closing.  It happened suddenly (at least as far as the staff and customer’s knowledge went). The website simply says, closed for summer. There might be a light at the end of the tunnel, because word is that they are looking for a bigger location. Right now, their kitchen is so small there is no room for a fryer, which means, gasp, no Native Fries.

But here is the deal. Yes, I know they have a restaurant in Palm Springs (that serves the fries!). But, note the blog name, I live in La Quinta. That is about 10 miles east of Palm Desert, putting me about a 45 minute drive from Palm Springs. I was actually planning on stopping on the way home from work (probably why I feel so devastated right now, my taste buds were just warming up). I have expressed my love of Native Foods in this blog before here and here.

So, Native Foods, consider this my heartfelt plea:  Please, please, please reopen the Palm Desert restaurant in a timely manner. You are our only hope in the mid- to east- Coachella Valley. We have nothing without you! My source wasn’t totally sure about when you would reopen, saying you’d be closed at least until September. Logically I know that is only two months away, but I am not thinking in a logical manner. Don’t desert us, NF, we need you!

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