>Las Vega(n)s Weekend, Part 2

>So, after our vegan pizza lunch at the Wynn, Alan and I took a walk along the Strip. Although we don’t really gamble, we have a semi-tradition that we keep to on the rare occasions we go to Las Vegas. It started about 10 years ago when we were staying at the Hard Rock Hotel. We stopped at the hotel Starbucks, ordered a frappuccino, then sat down with a roll of quarters at a poker machine. Surprise! We won! About $75, which we quickly tucked into our wallet and moved on. A couple of years later (our next visit), we did the same thing at the Aladdin, winning around $100. Now, seven years since our last trip to Vegas, we figured we’d try our luck again.  The Aladdin is now Planet Hollywood, but they still have a Starbucks. These days my drink is an iced soy latte, but the concept is the same. This time though, the tradition came to an end. We lost $60!  (I think it’s because you can’t actually use quarters at a poker machine anymore–they only take bills!). But we did get a two mile walk that burned up some of that vegan pizza lunch.

And what a walk it was! Alan compared it to the Star Wars bar. Just say we passed a lot of strange individuals:

 Unfortunately, I missed a shot of Elvis..twice! And of course there are the other sights:

 It was at this point that my camera battery died and I was left with my phone camera for the rest of the weekend.

Finally, after about two miles of walking (pushing through the above characters), the loss of $60 at the poker machine, a bumper to bumper drive down the Las Vegas Strip, and a trip to Whole Paycheck Foods to find a vegan lunch to bring to my class on Sunday, we were ready for dinner. After using my usual tools, Happy Cow and Quarry Girl, we settled on Mint Indian Bistro.

What a perfect choice!  I am sadly ignorant of Indian food, but the Mint Indian Bistro came to my rescue with their Vegan Sampler.

It was truly wonderful. Alan and I shared the meal, which was the kind of delicious that you find yourself moaning in pleasure as you eat it. Yes, it was that good.

 Sorry about the picture quality, but remember my camera battery died and I was depending on my phone. The Mint Bistro also had this special new menu that I found on their website. Notice that just about all the items are marked vegan/vegetarian.

In addition to excellent food, the service at the Mint Bistro was excellent as well. The servers were attentive, the food was served quickly and efficiently, and we truly felt welcomed at the restaurant. The only downside: I wish this restaurant was in La Quinta instead of a couple hundred miles away in Las Vega(n)s!

I would definitely recommend the Mint Indian Bistro to anyone looking for a moderately priced, delicious meal in Las Vegas. For Alan and myself, non-Vegas people, it is a great reason to return.

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